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Will Scotland's new referendum for independence be successful this time?

Asked by ragingloli (50348points) 1 month ago

Will the incompetence and duplicity exhibited by May and Johnson handling Brexit make it more likely for this new referendum to succeed?

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I hope so. I have a Scottish surname and look at the country fondly.

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I thought they were right to stay last time, and now, sadly (sadly for Britain), I think they’d be right to leave.

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waiting for flutherother to weigh in.

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So they can be as successful as Brexit was for the rest of Britain?

Idiocy on Scotland’s part. They’ll be far worse off than they are today.

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@elbanditoroso An independent Scotland can join the EU. I think it would be a brilliant move. They would lose a dysfunctional parliament dominated by reactionary Tories who dictate whom they can and can’t reach out to. Brexit was an utterly stupid move. Prices for everything have skyrocketed in the UK.

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@Hawaii_Jake as pretty as Scotland is, it doesn’t have a well-rounded economy and would have to import about 75% of what they consume. NOt strong financial footing.

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@elbanditoroso They are sitting on a sea full of oil. Are you forgetting the North Sea oil fields?

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@Hawaii_Jake I thought those were mostly tapped out after around 2000. Are you sure?

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@elbanditoroso They are still pumping oil in the North Sea. Like any natural resource, it’s not bottomless, but it will last for some time. Norway does very well with its drilling in the North Sea.

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Currently the Scottish National Party is one seat short of a majority in the Scottish Parliament. They are in a coalition government with the Green party. The political landscape has changed a lot in the last 10 years. The Liberals lost a lot of ground when they allied with the Torys and especially after Brexit the SNP has gained hold. A referendum will be close but I believe that a referendum would pass.

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I’ll be really really surprised if their proposed referendum gets approved.

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Won’t happen, had their chance…blew it.
I propose a gigantic chainsaw sever the jock’s land from these sacred isles, let it drift into obscurity.

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@eyesoreu Would that that were possible in these troubled times.

There are a lot of hurdles to be jumped before Scotland can regain its independence. It isn’t certain that there will even be a referendum in 2023 as it would require the UK government’s approval.

The incompetence and duplicity of the man who took the UK out of the EU is damaging the reputation of the country and has strengthened the case for independence nevertheless the polls suggest a referendum would be a very close thing.

Personally, I would like Scotland to come out of the UK and return to the European Union. A drift into misty obscurity would also be fine with me.

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