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Will someone please help/advise me, regarding my selection of some online school?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) September 18th, 2008

I don’t really need to obtain a degree online, but I certainly wish to improve myself (and those who know me personally, will tell you I need lots of improvement!), yet, I don’t want a “meaningless piece of paper” that isn’t recognized by anyone as having any prestige attached to it, either. (In other words, I want impressive wallpaper!)

So what do I do, to protect myself against all of the so-called scam universities proliferating online, issuing phony certificates and diplomas that resemble something from Bob Jones University?

Have you studied at some online institution? Was your experience a postitive or negative one for your career, and would you recommend that website to others?

Please share your thoughts with me. Thanks!

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When selecting a distance learning college, your best bet is to choose an online school accredited by one of the six regional accreditors.

Don’t automatically believe a school is accredited just because they tell you so. Many “diploma mill” schools lie or even make up their own fake accrediting agencies. Your school should be accredited by the regional agency in your area.

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Thanks very much!

I didn’t know about those accreditors, and now, thanks to you, I do.

Thy are now in my favorites list.

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Ditto robmandu. If it doesn’t have something that says they’re accredited by one of those, it’s probably crap.

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Some universities offer online courses. I have taken a few classes through UCLA Extension, both in person and online. They are great. Have you ever tried itunes U? They have some interesting stuff as well.

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Got a link for “itunes U?”

I’ll examine anything recommended to me. Seriously.

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Just go to itunes, and look in the left hand corner where they list music, movies, tv, etc. There is a link that says itunes U. Can’t do a link right now. My work computer doesn’t have itunes. Bad me. Fluthering at work.

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Here’s the link, I believe:

I’ll look into it. Thanks!

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Here are some online (non-degree) courses from very reputable colleges and universities; the NYT is the umbrella. I am also checking with a friend who got a Masters’ in Gerontology online and parleyed it into a radio program and newspaper column. She called them “The Second Half” and eventually wrote a book called “Hot Grannies.”

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Thank you for that link.

If my dog ever has kittens, you will get one. Promise.

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jack what kind of degree do you want? i’m doing my MPH online through hopkins and it’s a really great website, really great program

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I’m really not looking for a degree program per se, because I already have all my degrees (at age 58).

I think the reason I wish to go back to school (but online, and not in a conventional classroom) is because I have read some online reports that SEEM to indicate that people my age who are continuously students, are less likely to get Alzheimer’s Disease, and that is a very real concern of mine.

It’s said that if you keep your brain challenged and working on problem solving continuously, whatever causes that disease, might not be able to get a “foothold” into your head.

Besides, learning new things has always been a lot of fun for me, which is one reason I am on this website so much. I really do learn a lot from all of you, in here.

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There are also a lot of schools that have free courses if your not totally tied to acquiring a piece of paper.

Here is one example.

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Thanks Bri_L! Appreciate the link!

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Google your local colleges and universities. Most of them have online study. And why not take a course or two at a local community college? I am sending you a PM from my friend. It doesn’t sound relevant but you might want the info.

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Thanks for your thoughts.

I don’t wish to attend in-person classes, because I tend to be distracted by others in the classroom.

I wish I could attend in-person classes via teleconferencing, as the John Travolta character did, in The Boy in the Plastic Bubble movie.

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Many many choices, various degrees of difficulty, matriculation or non-; I would email them and ask about accredication if I were interested.

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Oh my God, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble! What a blast from the past.

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