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In the Jan. 6th Committee hearings, who is that one guy?

Asked by Jeruba (53097points) 1 month ago

Whichever member is the day’s questioner of the witnesses is seated to Chairman Thompson’s right (left of the chairman, in our view). There is a burly, curly-haired young man always present behind that speaker, to the left as we look on. Who is that, and why is he there, constantly in view whenever that committee member is on camera?

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I want to know this as well. He looks familiar but I can’t place him.

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You might be asking about Pete Aguilar.

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@Jonsblond, yes, that’s the one.

The woman is Zoe Lofgren. My district’s distinguished congressional representative. I vote for her every chance I get.

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Definitely not Pete Aguilar. Some kind of aide or attendant—security, color guard, sergeant-at-arms, or I don’t know what. If he’s to be on camera through all the questioning, I thought someone would tell us who he is and why he’s there.

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