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Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) September 18th, 2008

I accidentally deleted x11 and can’t get it back and my apps don’t work very well. Help!

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from apples website

About X11 for Mac OS X
An implementation of the X Window System that makes it possible to run X11-based applications in Mac OS X. Based on the open source XFree86 project — the most common implementation of X11 — X11 for Mac OS X is compatible, fast, and fully integrated with Mac OS X. It includes the full X11R6.6 technology including an X11 window server, Quartz window manager, libraries, and basic utilities such as xterm.

Note 10.4 customers can install X11 by using the Tiger DVD installer disk.

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You can also install it with the leopard disc. Or you can also install it through MacPorts or Fink.

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Thanks. I have Leopard.

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then why the hell did you delete it in the first place ?

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He said it was an accident. Not everyone is perfect like you, Cam. :p

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yeah but i mean, how do you accidentily delete something from the utilities folder ? first of all it lands in the trash, recovery point no. 1, i think by accident he meant that he deleted it because he didn’t know what it was for

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Ofcourse I know what it as for it just when to utilities scrolling down and ACCIDENTALLY hit the delete and didn’t know then my trash full so I emptied it without checking the contents. like allie says sorry cam we can’t all be perfect like you…

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yup, so the only thing to do is…get to be as good as me :)

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Just insert the mac os x install disk, click on install extra items, deselect everything except for x11. Install, Voila!

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Isnt that everyone’s goal in life to be as good and wonderful and smart as cam

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