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Did you lose money on things you had already purchased when covid hit?

Asked by JLeslie (62838points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Talking about things you purchased, like tickets for a show or a vacation, or food you felt was risky and threw it away. Could be anything, but I don’t mean losing money because you lost your job.

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No. I had purchased plane tickets but got all the $$$ back.

My daughter’s family had purchased cruise tickets for early April 2020, when everything closed down, and she got back every cent.

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Can’t think of anything. In general, it stopped me from spending money and we saved quite a bit during that time.

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When I was on the famous Covid cruise, we got all the money we spent on the cruise back, and an equal amount in future cruise credits.

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I didn’t lose the money, but it took a while to get my refund.

I had purchased tickets to the ring ceremony and celebration for the 2019 world champion Washington Nationals, scheduled for prior to an early-April 2020 home game. The day would have been a great thing to experience, so I’d paid for pricey seats with a good view. But, at the height of the COVID shutdown, there was no game and no public event.

The Nationals organization tried to keep my money and give me discounts for future games on undetermined dates. No, thank you…I persisted and received my refund several months later.

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I had a subscription to Broadway SF, the san Francisco company that puts on local production of Broadway shows. I saw one show before the shutdown in March 2020. The shows were rescheduled for this year, but circumstances in my life changed to where I could not make it to the shows, and I could not even give the tickets way.

I bought tickets in 2019 to see David Gray at Red Rocks near Denver in 2020. It has been rescheduled twice, I hope I can see the show on July 21.

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Memberships to various places went unused. Some we let lapse. Others we renewed to keep them afloat through the pandemic.

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No. And I certainly didn’t throw any food away.

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I lost about a month of value of my YMCA membership. At the end of Mar 2020, my auto-pay membership became an auto-pay tax deductible donation.

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