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Did anyone notice that the January 6th riot was not exactly a representation of melting pot America?

Asked by HP (4859points) 1 month ago

How come?

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Most of us were too smart to get on that doomed bandwagon. A couple hundred people storming the capital to take back their country was never going to end on a positive note. :)

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“Melting Pot America” is a myth propagated by white media companies while ignoring the reality faced by people of color in the United States.

Also, it was a insurrection attempt led by White Nationalists and other members of the Republican Party. People of color not allowed.

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Because literally everyone knows white people are a protected class.

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“Also, it was a insurrection attempt led by White Nationalists and other members of the Republican Party. People of color not allowed.”

That says it all.

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People of color are allowed as long as they act as white as possible.
There are still a very small minority of black and hispanic/Latin people that “play the game”, because they work around blue collar whites and don’t have a choice.

You’re either in the in-group, or you’re a liberal.

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Is that also why Swastika flags and “Stars and Bars” were displayed.

Do you think, just maybe, one had to be a fascist be part of the rioters ?

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By design. It is the uneducated whites, mostly christian, mostly southern, that want to “take back America”.

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The rioters only represented themselves, a tiny Trump fuelled minority, opposed to their fellow Americans having a voice. It was a raggle taggle army of the sort of people you wouldn’t want living next door to you.

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@elbanditoroso One of our old friends was there, and his family are very wealthy and he is maybe too educated. Not sure what happened to him but they did come here to get him afterwards.

He had a handfast wedding about 15 years ago, married, kids, more liberal than most. Mother Earth type guy. Who knows what changes people.

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Wait, wait, wait – are you telling me they were not all Black people from antifa and Black Lives Matter dressed in whiteface?

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LOL. That is a good one! It happened BECAUSE America is so diverse and those who attended Jan 6 riot can’t accept or see the benefit of diversity.

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It happened as a culmination of almost a century of regressive retrogressive polarizing political activity.

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It was a culmination of Conservative talk shows and alt-right news programs telling their audience that the election was stolen.

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