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What is the use for the handle on the side of the passenger seat above the seat?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20687points) 1 month ago

In a car.

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When one of my sons is behind the wheel, I grab onto it and hang on for dear life.

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It is for holding to give stability. It can be used when going around corners or at high speeds when the motion of the car may swerve or vibrate.

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How lucky you are to have one! Mine is to help my mother get in or out.
The imaginary brake peddle is what we really need to be real!

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It’s called a grab bar, To help you in and out ,and for the stability of the passenger at high speeds.

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Also useful sometimes for hanging clothes hangers.

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@Zaku I forgot he could be talking about the hanger instead.

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I think both can be used for either purpose, even though each is better for its intended purpose.

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We call it the ‘Oh shit!’ bar. Because that’s when you use it. :)

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Also, my very short wife uses it to climb in and out of vehicles.
—but also what @Jeruba said—

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Do you mean the oh shit handle? It can help you get in and out of your seat, or help feel secure and stable when someone else is driving.

A friend of mine and her husband were considering buying a Tesla, but when she realized there was no handle for her in the passenger seat it was a huge negative.

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I have NO problem falling into a car seat!!! However, I do frequently use the handle to readjust my seating while the vehicle is moving. It’s also VERY important for me to be able to twist my body into a better position for me to be able to maneuver getting out of the car. With my disability, I have a difficult time getting out to the right side & that handle helps to stabilize me in preparation for my exit!!!

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It’s a Jesus Handle.
I am a Jeep owner and add more of them for off road adventures.

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It’s to aid when repositioning yourself after you get in the car for maximum comfort in the seat.

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