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What's a place that you have never visited in your life, but when you look at pictures of it you feel nostalgic?

Asked by Koxufoxu (269points) 1 month ago

If you have place like that, of course.

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I think it’s seeing pictures of the ancient sights in Egypt. I want to visit.

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Greece or Croatia

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The top of Mt. Saint Helens.

The library of ancient Alexandria.

The Hall of the Justice League.

The original bridge of the starship Enterprise.

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My Ancestors land.

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Chomolungma- Goddess Mother of the World, AKA Mount Everest.

I went to the Himalayas, but we did a trek around the Annapurna massif instead.
At the end of our trek, we were scheduled to fly around Everest, but we were bumped.

While I was on the bus back to Kathmandu, I talked to this lady who had been to Kala Patthar, which has the best view of the Everest massif, and IMO, is the best view in the world. It was my pleasure to let her know how massifly impressed I was. :D

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Appalachia has always felt like home, I adore the misty valleys and mountains.

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Hawaii does it for me. Doing a self analysis, I can ONLY assume that the nostalgia comes from my obsession with Elvis in my early teen years. The movie Blue Hawaii was a love story that affected me at the time & I think that those emotions well back up anytime I tour Hawaii via the internet!!!

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A china vase sat on the mantelpiece of my grandmother’s house which had a picture drawn on it in very pale colours of a garden wall covered in faint blooms. There was a pale green door in that wall that I used to look at and wish I could open to see what was inside.

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Some French impressionist paintings evoke a sense of nostalgia for places I have not been to, as do some photos by Ansel Adams (especially Moonrise Over Hernandez).

Perhaps the strongest I have ever felt it for place I have not been to is seeing Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings of Lake George.

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South America, especially Argentina. Maybe I lived there in another life. It’s at the top of my travel list.

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Bullwinkle’s restaurant. I have only been to the Edmonton one before it closed. I hear that three survived in Calgary and north USA.

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Ireland and England.

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Any ocean.

Grew up along the Pacific. But have always felt a deep connection to any ocean. The vastness. It makes me feel small in the best way possible. A timeless connection that feels almost primal. Perhaps not exactly nostalgia. But a feeling of being there before. And a feeling of an endless returning.

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Greece. I can get teary-eyed just looking at pictures. The blue and white – so crisp. mmmm

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