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How often do you use the snooze button on your phone or alarm clock?

Asked by LuckyGuy (40850points) 1 month ago

Do you set your alarm for the actual desired awake time or do you expect to use the snooze?
How long is your snooze and many times do you hit the button?
Does your alarm noise awaken anyone else?

I think my snooze is set for 5–10 minutes. I really don’t know the exact number. I don’t use snooze most of the time. If I do, I only use it once and use the time to do some quiet, in-bed stretches before rolling out of bed.

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I have an android & I can set the length of time my snooze goes off. It also allows me to lengthen the snooze IF needed. I do my best to get up when the alarm goes off; but on occasion, I do have to hit it so I don’t go back to sleep & oversleep. Some mornings I hit the ground running…others, I just cannot get it going!!! I live by myself so I don’t have to worry about disturbing anybody else!!! My snooze use is more a deal of the day & not my consistent use thingy.

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I don’t need an alarm clock. My cats wake me up very early. One is relentless. He’ll jump down on me repeatedly from the head board. Can’t keep him out of the bedroom because he’ll start body slamming against the door until I let him in.

No snooze button for me.

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Never. I usually wake up before my alarm.

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Never. The point of an alarm is to wake you up. Using a snooze button defeats the purpose.

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I have stopped doing that some time ago.
I found that waking up after the short time the snooze button gives me more to sleep, I just wake up more tired than the first time.

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A couple of times and slept in!
Now I find that I wake up an hour early before the alarm goes off…means that I had slept well ththrough the night!

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My wake up time before work varies from day to day depending on if I have to go in to the office (3:50 a.m.) or if I have anything to publish in the morning or not. Today my alarm was set for 5:30.

Because of the variability, I end up hitting snooze once or twice a week.

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I’ve also noticed that IF I hit the snooze for a 2nd time that my mind starts to worry IF the 3rd snooze is going to go off & I STOP resting; so, I get so anxious that I give up & get up…I reached my objective of being out of bed!!!

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I hit it once. I need the 10 min. I’m not a morning person, I’d stay up late if I could but work and fishing mean I get up at like 5am every day.

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Not for waking up, but about ten times a day for reminders.

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It is set for 10 minute snooze if I pick snooze. I hit Stop and get up immediately

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Never, I don’t know why I bother setting the alarm even.
Always wake within 15 or so minutes before due to go off, internal alarm system.

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Mostly have two alarms in the morning set 15 minutes apart on my cell.

Snoozing is typical morning activity for me. Several times until I switch off the alarm.

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I had the opportunity to hear someone else’s alarm this morning. It went off every 15 minutes for a full hour before they got up. Wouldn’t setting your alarm 50 minutes later with a 10 minute snooze give better sleep?
Is it rude to set a snooze that wakes up others while you have every intention of ignoring it?

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Twice a year or so if I have to get up for a flight. Otherwise, I just wake up naturally.

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My alarm clock has no snooze button. I sometimes use the one on my mobile when traveling.

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Thankfully, I rarely need to set my alarm to wake up, but I do use it sometimes to keep myself on schedule.

If it is to wake me up I usually snooze at least once, sometimes twice. I set the alarm to give me at least ten minutes cushion, sometimes 20.

If the alarm is just to put me into motion so I’m not late for something on my list for the day, then I usually don’t snooze. That alarm is during my waking hours.

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In my school days I would hit the snooze button up to ten times for 1.5 hours.

Now I move the alarm up a hour.

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Pretty much never. Probably 10 times a year I don’t wake up before the alarm. Probably 1 time every couple years I hit the snooze to silence the alarm and then fall back to sleep.

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