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Why did Ubisoft get rid of the animus hack in Assassin's Creed: Origins?

Asked by NovDel (246points) 1 month ago

To be honest the only thing I ever changed was Bayek’s appearance, but it made the game more interesting for me. Frustratingly, the game still pretends that the feature’s still there.

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It only worked with the old version of the Ubisoft overlay. So when they updated the overlay, it took the Animus hacks with it. I don’t know why the feature still appears on the menu. Maybe Ubisoft is planning a future update to make the Animus hacks functional again, but that seems unlikely given how long it has been.

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You’re not the only one that liked the Animus hack. I legit thought ACP
(animus control panel) stopped downloading years ago. I don’t play AC tho.
I checked and they confirmed discontinuance with no upgrades planned.

Love the soundtrack. I think a gamers revolt is brewing, that would be so French!

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