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Did you have a good Canada Day?

Asked by LadyMarissa (12640points) 1 month ago

It was just brought to my attention that this past Friday, July 1, 2022, was Canada Day. Being a selfish American, I was focused on July 4 & all the food & partying that is coming upon us. Is Canada Day as big a festive occasion as 4th of July is in the US? Regardless, did you enjoy your holiday or are you still enjoying your holiday? Are you willing to share the details of your holiday activities?

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I slept though it. A deep relaxing sleep.

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Also the day before I bought bulk chicken wings/quarters as much as I could carry in a gym bag and backpack and duffle bag. It cost $350. I also included two boxes of 16 , 2 king sized Resese peanut butter cups. Also 10 packages of 8 Maple leaf top dogs hot dogs.

I also got food stuffs delivered for $150 from a grocery store.

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I was going to do all the the shopping on Canada Day, but I got paid the day before.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Sounds like a LOT of food!

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@KNOWITALL Yes. I am stocked up. I am doing an experiment to see if I can avoid eating out from the Skip the dishes, buy having everything I want from the grocery store (which is much cheaper than Skip). I still want Cobb’s bread treats (blueberry lemon and icing scones and store made cinnamon buns),and broccoli and veggies delivery.

I am also considering cancelling my in internet, till my credit card is paid off. Seeing that my phone and internet cost $120/month of and my phone is cracked and my computer crashes frequently.

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I just figured out where I’ll be eating dinner tonight!!! LoL

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I think it’s called Justin Bieber Day.

Columbia gave us that monkey…
Canada gave us the beeb!
Thanks guys.

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@WhyNow There is a Bieber blocker add that you can get for your phone and internet. It’s real. I don’t know where to start to find it. Maybe a Google search?

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@RedDeerGuy1 Hilarious. Bieber Blockers! As seen on TV.

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Yes, went to the local Parade which was a short one this year. But took loads of photographs as I do every Parade.
Later musica Fesitvals all night long but didn’t go as I was still recovering from Flu/Covid from a person who came back from Mexico and infected others here..but no mask restrictions as evryone is vaccinated..but me and a neighbor became weak and very tired, lost weight which is a good thing though!
Recovering better now, just need to get exercise to tone my muscles etc
Walking daily to get used to going outside and exercise.

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^^ Sorry to hear you have had Covid & wishing you well on your recovery & that it will be a speedy one!!! Sounds like you had an eventful day. BTW…that’s NOT a diet that I’d recommend to everyone; but, IF you have to be sick, I can see it as a plus…still I don’t plan on trying it!!! LoL

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Thnak you for your sentiments..walking daily to get exercise.

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