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Have you noticed the concerted effort of the far right to label everyone in the LGBTQ community as "groomers"?

Asked by ragingloli (50348points) 1 month ago

I think it started this year.
They are getting more and more brazen with their open dehumanisation of sexual minorities, evoking echoes of the Anti-Semitic Nazi Propaganda of WW2.
We also can already see instances of the terrorist group, the “Proud Boys”, crashing LGBTQ events, harrassing and threatening participants.

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Yes, they especially are attacking gay teachers and school boards.

It is truly a terrible time.

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The day after the Supreme Court killed Roe, there was an abortion rights protest in a city in SC the following day. The women were visibly upset but still having a peaceful protest. Then the Proud Boys showed up & all hell broke loose. NOT one of the Proud Boys could get pregnant & the female protesters wouldn’t have had sex with them either so NO chance of them spawning a child existed; so, in my opinion…NO need to be there. Things got so violent after the PB’s showed up that the cops shut down the protest. I guess that was their purpose…shut the women up!!!

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Yup. Anyone giving voice to this level of hate against the LGBT etc. community isn’t American.

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@filmfann Except that they are sadly.

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Yes. They literally can’t do anything except lie.
They know they’re fossils in a growing and progressive world.
They feel they’re being replaced by liberals, blacks and mexicans.

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I asked about this earlier:

It’s not anything new, of course. The association of homosexuality with pedophilia goes back a long way. It has been a staple of anti-gay attacks for decades. It’s being ramped up deliberately now because we all hate pedophilia, and if you can’t attack LGBT people any other way, the last resort is to link it with pedophilia.

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Not my circus. Not my monkeys.
Far right groups and far left groups are out there flapping. Reasonable people are against violence, hate don’t care about such labeling/name calling.

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I don’t even label these people as far right anymore. I don’t know what that even is now. They’re just petty, unamerican, shitty, garbage humans who will use any excuse to justify their fanatical views. For which, I believe are mostly just a cover to rationalize the dopamine hit they get for being hateful and evil.. Some on the far left deserve that too.

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The irony is that the right wing child molesters like youth ministers and Matt Gaetz are the ones using the term “groomers”.

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@zenvelo IF you watch them…whatever label they throw off on somebody else is what they, themselves, are doing daily!!!

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The Epstein and Maxwell list being suppressed probably has a lot to do with that, as well as the Left being held responsible for that suppression.
It’s horrible and wrong, they should address politically not personally.

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It’s also funny that the same people labeling public school teachers “groomers” are calling for arming them. It’s almost like it’s not a coherent political position and it’s just inflammatory “rile up the base” rhetoric.

You also won’t encounter any of them acknowledging the fact that most sexual abuse happens in the home, not in schools. The home is presented as the solution to everything, so no chance of pointing out that it can also be a problem.

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It is an interesting question. On one hand the OP is correct that there is a certain amount of “brazen dehumanisation of sexual minorities”. But on the other hand, the question ignores that there might actually be grooming going on. There are many examples available where those same sexual minorities are brazenly pushing their beliefs on small children. There are concerted efforts to separate the decisions for small children from the parents. All of these things are examples of grooming.

So I guess the answer is: the far right is acting the fool when they get arrogant and start acting superior. And the far left is acting the fool by trying to push their beliefs on people to the extent of interrupting families.

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