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How does everyone feel about the "Big Bang Machine"?

Asked by critter1982 (4120points) September 18th, 2008

The LHC is about to embark on a journey that no other science experience has. How do you feel about the “Big Bang Machine”? How do you feel about the amount of money that was spent? Do you have any concerns as some (very few) scientists say it could end the earth?

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first of all, question has been raised before, second, it’s fear of the unknown and media hysteria that creates doubts about safety, and third…i hope it’ll be worth it, i wish them luck

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I would love for some amazing discoveries to be made. It would be a shame if this multi billion dollar machine doesn’t show us much.

The world is not going to end.

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Can it solve our economic woes? Because, that would be nice…

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nah, you fucked that up yourselves, don’t get us involved ;)

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and here
And didn’t the experiment already start, and succeed?

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Someone, i’m not sure who, said “maybe this is what happened before the last big bang.” maybe we are stuck in a ten billion year cycle and someone is about to hit the reset button yet again.

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They started up the LHC, but the real tests have not begun. I just read that they have been having some electrical problems and had to shut it off.

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Here is a fun five part comic about the LHC. Gives some good information for those scared of it. And I feel that more money should be spent on these kinds of things.

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Like it has been beaten to death by the flapping jaws of the masses on this site already too many times.

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I side with Stephen Hawking, I don’t think anything with happen and if something does then it’ll extinguish itself.

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I think it’s interesting but not that important to me. I don’t believe in the big bang anyways. I say good luck with whatever they hope to discover. Hopefully some good is found put of all that money that was spent.

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The ‘danger’ behind the LHC has been disproven many times over. I think it’s great! The world seems to have had a declining interest in the more theoretical, cutting edge science over the last decade, due to cultural and economic issues (i.e. NASA’s decline, conservative spending, less people becoming scientists, etc.) The LHC has raised the awareness of science and hopefully will encourage further funding and people entering the profession.

I’m actually not into the sciences professionally at all (I’m business-y student) but I feel like we should always be reaching ever further for answers and many ‘higher science’ endeavors have yielded tangible spin-off projects that we use today..

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Personally I welcome our new black-hole overlords.

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I like being able to, dare I say it, boldly go where no one has gone before.

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There was an electrical malfunction and now the LHC will be closed for two months. I want a big bang now!

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I had a big bang last night! Great fun.

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