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Do gigolos still exist?

Asked by elbanditoroso (31775points) 1 month ago

Or has the sexual revolution and the liberation and independence of women reduced the need for them?

Do you know any gigolos?

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A couple of my friends were manwhores back in the day, but they worked pro-bono.

I honestly don’t know much about the market. I suspect most of the clients for male prostitutes would be other men, but that’s just a guess.

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“What is the female term for gigolo?
A gigolo is wined, dined and bestowed with gifts in exchange for sexual favors.
The female equivalent would be a golddigger, not a prostitute.”

In the present economic times I bet there are many such men around draining the resources of women.

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I can’t speak about it general, but I have a younger cousin who was, as he described it, a “kept man” for a number of years.

He’s in his twenties. She was in her fifties and supposedly in a loveless marriage with a husband who travelled a lot. My cousin received lots of money and gifts for his ::ahem:: ‘companionship’.

Saw him once with a brand new motorcycle and Rolex watch at one point.

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@cookieman Will you work for “cookies”?

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I hear sometimes of male prostitutes who service other men. I can’t say I know anything about those whose clients are female. Some maybe intend to have female clients, but it goes another way, like Jeff on American Dad (since it seems to me that most clients are men, whether they’re looking for a female or male prostitute):

“After we ran out of money, Jeff suggested that we prostitute ourselves. At first, Jeff was saying he was only going to do women, but then… that wasn’t working out. So, long short story, Jeff’s on butt rest, and we moved to the desert.” xD

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Sure, we still have them, in some stylish, expensive department stores, and in classy apartment buildings.
In my apartment building we have to push the floor numbers ourselves though.
And, they service men, women, the elderly, and the children.
Even pets.

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@rebbel Is that a joke or a poor translation???

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They only “love” themselves, hence the spelling backwards… sologig

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@janbb: I’m afraid I’d only be worth crumbs to you at this point.

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A poor joke, possibly, @janbb?
If no one gets it, it must be bad.

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It’s probably the world’s second oldest “profession”, only less prone to recognition or discussion.

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Probably. Women get horny too. But as a profession it isn’t as profitable or prolific as a prostitute. Probably because men are usually hornier than women.

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