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Where can I download a screen recorder app that works on a PC?

Asked by Catnip5 (342points) 1 month ago

Hello, everyone!

I wanted to use a free screen recorder app that works for my new HP laptop. I want to use it for tutorials and video conferences. I’ve actually downloaded a few apps off the internet and from the Microsoft Store before. But when I tested out these apps, the recordings either lasted for a few minutes or don’t playback at all. For the latter, I kept getting this message:
“Can’t Play
This file isn’t playable. That might be because the file type is unsupported, the file extension is incorrect, or the file is corrupt.
Send feedback”

The apps that are currently installed on my laptop are EaseUS RecExperts, RecForth, Screen Recorder For Windows 11, and Screen Rec. Does my laptop not support some of these apps, or am I just using the wrong ones?

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Microsoft Teams (free) does this. I did a 5-webinar series for some customers about a month ago. It’s a little non-intuitive the first time, but it absolutely works. If you need me to, I can write you the steps.

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Note, there are others (Camtasia) but they cost serious money.

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@elbanditoroso Go right ahead! I got a Microsoft Teams that came with my Microsoft 365 software. I haven’t really tried it yet.

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will do tomorrow .. bedtime here.

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Go to Youtube & do a search for “windows screen recorder”. Then choose the one that you prefer to use. Any that Kevin Stratvert does should be legit. He worked for Microsoft for many years & seems to be very knowledgeable in that respect. I’ve not tried any of his screen record vids, but any of his tutorials that I did use were right on the money & successful for me!!!

Now, @elbanditoroso‘s offer seems like your best bet…GOOD LUCK!!!

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You could also use Xbox Game Bar. It’s designed to record/stream games but it’ll work for other things as well. It will only record one application window at a time and you cant record the whole screen / file explorer or the windows maps application (stops you accidently live streaming something you may not want to I suppose) but it may work for your needs.

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1. go to Teams group on left banner
2. click MEET (far upper right)
3. Click MEET NOW
4. Click your audio source (in my case, Computer Audio, you might have something else)
5.. Click JOIN NOW (bottom right)
6. Ignore the “invite people” box, close it
7. Turn on your camera (if desired)
8. See the three horizontal dots (marked MORE) – click that, it opens up a menu
9. On the MORE menu, START RECORDING is towards the bottom. Click it.
10. On the top row, click SHARE to show your screen
11. Proceed with your talk.
12. When you are done, click the red LEAVE and click END MEETING
13. End meeting for everyone
14. Meeting recording will be on OneDrive for you, in DOcuments / General
15. Download it

Buy me a beer.

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@Lightlyseared I saw that it let me take screenshots (or Captures) and use the microphone, but the recording button is disabled for some reason.

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@Lightlyseared Never mind. Now I see what you mean. It can only record one application at a time. It works now on a single application window when I used the shortcut key method. Thanks!

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@elbanditoroso Thanks! Does this also work on Zoom?

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@Catnip5 I don’t know diddley-squat about Zoom.

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