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Would a tattoo artist be willing to place one on a dead body?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (28136points) 1 month ago

If someone’s dying wish was to have a tattoo of ____, would a tattoo artist be willing to do it? And yes, they will be paid.

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Hair dressers and makeup artists do their thing on bodies. I don’t see why a tattoo artist wouldn’t want to, also.

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Just a guess, but dead tissue is probably totally different than living, for the purposes of tattooing. At the very least, all those little bleeding puncture spots people normally get, would just be holes in dead flesh. Depending on the state of the flesh, this could be a challenging and putrid business and the tattoo will never heal and look right.

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I would get the actual desing placed on a sticker that just atatches to the body..less gruesome for the tatoo artist

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Yeah, they do wonderful things with temporaries these days.

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With no blood flow, the ink wouldn’t be able to set let alone heal.
That’s my inklination…

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You might want to check the law and see if there’s anything about mutilating dead bodies.

A decal sounds like a wise choice.

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According to Ask A Mortician it is legal to tattoo a dead body, but it will NEVER heal. I’d assume that the legal part is subject to state laws & the willingness of the tattoo artists would also come into play.

My thought on the NEVER healing is WHY does that matter…once buried/cremated, NOBODY will ever see it to know the difference!!! I think that I’d suggest that they get the tat BEFORE dying since it means so much them…damn the torpedoes full speed ahead type of thing!!! UNLESS they’re still healthy, they might want to wait on the tat until they are actually given a certain length of time left. It seems like a very strange request to me, but I can see all kinds of problems arising out of the request!! You might want to have a legal document drawn up to cover your butt IF you’re really thinking about doing it after the fact.

Another thought, you might seriously consider one of those fake tats the little kids love so much. The mortician could apply that one & it shouldn’t be considered defacing the body. Then again, you might have problems finding what they want. Maybe that they insist that they talk to the tattoo artists because it’s so important to them.

Another question…how are they going to know that you didn’t have it done once they’re gone??? I’d let them leave this plane thinking their wish will be done & then go oops after the fact.

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