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Did the Batmobile have a state-issued license plate?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32469points) July 7th, 2022

Was it subject to emissions testing in Gotham City? Did it have a catalytic converter?

Did Alfred change the oil and do periodical maintenance on the Batmobile? Or did they send it to a shop?

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My memory was giving me mixed ideas, so I cheated. Te tag read GOTHAM CITY; but, it wasn’t a state issued license plate!!! My recollection is that YES Alfred did occasionally work on the car. It did indeed have a catalytic converter as it was street ready IRL. I can only imagine that B&R had an exemption in the emissions requirement.

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Since BATMAN was such a good guy, and the cops knew it, any sightings of the BATMOBILE were ignored by the cops.

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According to Code of Federal Regulations Title 41 subtitleC Chapter 102, sub chapter B, Part 102–34 , Batman can easily argue his vehicle falls under the definition of a “Law enforcement vehicle” that is specifically approved in an agency’s appropriation act for use in apprehension, surveillance, police or other law enforcement work or specifically designed for use in law enforcement. If not identified in an agency’s appropriation language, a motor vehicle qualifies as a law enforcement motor vehicle only in the following cases:

(1) A passenger automobile having heavy duty components for electrical, cooling and suspension systems and at least the next higher cubic inch displacement or more powerful engine than is standard for the automobile concerned;... ” and is, therefore, exempt from such regulations.

Batman can save the $68 annual license fee and use it to take Alfred out to dinner.

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Being that Batman is a vigilante, and thus himself a criminal, he definitely can not argue that his Batmobile is a law enforcement vehicle.

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