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Do people struck by lightning have an electrical charge?

Asked by Happy1234 (7points) September 18th, 2008

A curious question just for fun

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Nope. There is not static charge build up in the body. The charge that enters your body exits through the path of least resistance. I heard once that a girl got struck in her garage and it came out of her nose ring. OUCH!

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Do you mean do we get one after being struck? We all have an electrical charge already. I read about a jogger that was hit and the lightning hit his iPod and travelled through the earphones burning his body where the wires were and exploding his ear drums…

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When lightning struck it will just use our human body as a conduit for all those electrical charge to pass thru.

As for the ipod case since it is an electronic gadget when there is tons of voltage passing thru of cause it will get electrocuted. Does that makes sense?

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The body is a conduit to pass the charge to the ground. The body, of course, has electrical charges running through it already (nerve endings and such). But the body does not hold excess charge from being hit by lighting much the same way that a copper wire doesn’t hold excess charge when it’s at rest after an electric current has traveled through it.

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What’s missing here is the aftermath. The lightning does not pass through the body harmlessly. The passage messes up our electric body components.

Many people struck by lightning die. Those that live suffer a range of terrible symptoms and conditions that can be very debilitating and some are lifelong.

This article provides the details. They can include confusion, paralysis, amnesia, depression, anxiety, memory loss, dementia, hearing loss, ringing of the ears.

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