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What are the kids saying these days?

Asked by gorillapaws (30003points) July 25th, 2022

Have you heard any new slang words or phrases that have been getting popular with teenagers and young adults recently? I’ve been out of the loop and don’t have too many conversations/interactions with that demographic.

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This question is kinda sus, you sussy baka.

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Requestion bruh :

You reachin for yeets, or just got a case of FOMO?

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u think this question is mid? Nah, it be bussin.

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They rarely say anything. It’s mostly texting.

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I have a teen in the house, and they call gossip “T.” Not sure if it’s “tea” or “T” but that’s the pronounciation.

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@jca2 What does it stand for? Talk?

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It’s “tea” as in chatting with a friend over tea. Sharing the tea.

Unless, of course, you got beef with that friend. Then, you might go ham on their ass if you find out they’re talking smack about you.

Either way, they’re probably basic.

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^Basic af ngl.

Also, everything is either “based” or “cringe”.

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“communism can work” and also stuff like chad, based, cringe, baka. sus, lmao, kappa, imo

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The phrase is “spill the tea.”
So cringe to get that wrong.
Aight, I gonna dip (All right. I’m going to leave this situation.)

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My rents flattened my wheels!

I drowned in some major shade at my SATs.

In Jan, 2020 an 8-year old asked me if I had taken singing lessons.
When I answered that I had taken some, she told me that I should get a refund!
The nerve of her! If I ever catch her on my lawn…! ;-o

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@kruger_d: I can’t even with you. Whatevs. We still tight.

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Baa-aaa-aaa. Bleat bleat.

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Nah, that is what their girlfriends say.

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I hear simp more often.

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If a neighborhood is sketchy or seedy, they say it’s “suss.”

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Pre-Among Us, it was “suss” (as in sussing).

Post-Among Us, it’s “sus” (as in suspect or suspicious…questionable).

“Florence posted a photo on her Finsta that she was at home on Saturday. But her BFF noticed that was taken last week. That’s sus.”

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Big ____ (ie Big Sad, Big Yikes)
(On) Fleek

One of our kids is in the full throes of tweendom. Practically need a translator to talk to her. :P

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