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What would you want an AI to learn from you and incorporate it into itself?

Asked by gorillapaws (29794points) July 25th, 2022

Here’s a hypothetical. Let’s say that for some reason Fluther was deemed to be the perfect testbed for training an AI. Maybe it had to do with the size of the community being not too big or too small or the fact that it wasn’t being actively developed allowed for it to be hacked in some way that made it ideal for training and testing an AI by a tech giant. And so they created an account and without our knowledge began to have the AI interact with us to learn from us.

What characteristics would you want the AI to learn from you to be incorporated into a more general AI?

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To read a complex poorly written rambling, that normally would be too long to read, and covert into a coherent conversion to a quality response. With perfect grammar too.

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My morality, political beliefs, and my atheism, all of which are perfect and flawless, and anyone who disagrees should be lined up at a wall and shot in the back of the head.

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@ragingloli Ha! For the sake of the survival of the human race, I hope it learns my ability to understand and appreciate dark humor.

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My appalling lack intellectual focus, and charming depravity.

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My life savings were stolen from me, so I’d like AI Bri to become employed as a Communications or IT tech by a unionized company, such as AT&T; or if possible, a similar company that doesn’t support MAGAt networks.

That way, HI Bri could stay retired, get some home improvements done, and take a trip to Lake Itasca, the source of the Mississippi River.

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The rules of proper gun play.

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