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Do you know VisualCV?

Asked by 10dier (29points) September 19th, 2008

I have discovered recently, as you guess it’s a sort of tool to build your cv online. I think it’s quiete good but I’d like you to tell me what do you think about it?

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It would seem to be a great idea. But would an employer type an address to see your CV, or prefer to get it all on paper? It probably works best as a supplement to a normal CV.

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It’s possible to see the CV as a PDF, to download it as a pdf….

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I asked this Question because as a creative my cv is always out of allowed weight when I send it to recruiters… So I thought it may be a good solution to just have a link for them…?

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Arrrgh, the idea be good, but t’ treasure ye have found may not be as practical as ye think. As a creative they may think this too generic for ye. Yaargh, I’d have t’ play with t’ software though, ta be sure.

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Yaargh, after lookin’ at an example, t’ site seems too lame for a painter of t’ sea. The creative example featured on the main deck shows t’ un-creative nature of t’ cut and paste carbon copy setup, arrrgh. While it may be nice for a recruiter of another ship ta be able ta see yer work in a format like everyone else’s, me thinks it may deter some from seein’ yer full creative strength. I’d pirate the idear and make a site of yer own but instead of making it lame, use yer work as a background and mix up the font. Make it creative and make it downloadable as a pdf matey. Twould be good ta keep it simple as theirs, but make it yer own, yaargh!

Lame example

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WOW at the pink hair, lol!

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LOL, I saw the pink hair too, yes, funny!! : )

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Mmm… This is mine
The problem is I’m not a web designer, of course the best is to do it’s own website, but…
One day, a recruiter said to me that the HR people are looking more what is “inside” the cv rather than the “look”, so she asked me to make an other one “Word” like. 200Ko (!)
I don’t know what to think finally. I understand the point here but at the same time when they want a creative, they MUST SEE the creative work no? I guess on an online portfolio. Anyway it’s… complicated; I don’t like to make a “Word” cv, a PDF is too heavy for an email, and they don’t follow links you can add into your e-mail letter. Great.

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Thanks for your answers guys : )

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There are ways to compress a pdf insanely so that it can be emailed, just by using the distiller. If you need some help with that, I’d be more than happy to help. I think that an online presence would greatly help you. A portfolio site can be setup very simply. If you aren’t a web designer, you can always attempt to find one. If I had the time, I’d be all over it, but between doctors visits and starting university in a few weeks I’m swamped. If you want some help designing it, I’m sure that myself and others on the site would be more than happy to help point you in the right direction and even assist you a bit.

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