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What are the various ways (other than remove batteries for few seconds) of solving cellphone related problems?

Asked by chefl (917points) July 29th, 2022

Removing the batteries for a few seconds is one way of solving many problems. What are the other ways?

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Reset back to factory settings.

But then you need to reinstall everything.

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Do a hard reboot on an iPhone.

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Turn it off and turn it back on.

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It’s usually apps hogging system resources. If you don’t need the app or have not or will not use it for a long time then delete it. You won’t believe the difference that makes.

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@jca2 funny how that seems to work most times.

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Do a full power down. That process will vary from phone to phone . A long, 15 second hold on the power button is a common method. Other phone say to hold volume down button and power at the same time.
No single answer works for all phones.

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Unfortunately many modern phones have the battery built in, so it’s not removable. They will have a ‘hard reset’, available. A bit more drastic than a simple switch-off-switch-on reboot, but not a reset to factory settings. I’ve had to do it with my iPad a couple of times when it was showing a black screen with a ‘busy’ cursor in the middle.

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Why do some makers go from removable to buit-in batteries? Is buit-in better for the user than removable? With removable takes 5 seconds to solve problems

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@chefl I think you may be on to something. They want to make things more complicated which = more money.

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People will pay extra for an extra thin phone. Manufacturers can only achieve that if they omit the battery housing and battery door. That results in a phone with a built-in (naked) battery.

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My phone can be submerged; can’t do that with a “pop-out” battery

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In all honesty the battery will outlast the phone’s obsolescence in most cases anyway.

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@Blackwater_Park So true, I try to get a new phone every time a new one comes out.

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That’s probably more often than necessary. Once a phone stops getting security updates it’s time. That’s usually every three or four years.

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Security updates are one trigger for me, esp. because we hand down our old phones to our kids. If they can’t get updated then we do a round of phone “upgrades”.

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Wait until the battery is completely discharged, then turn on the phone. If this does not help, you can reset to factory settings

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