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Could I have said it better?

Asked by freguarUK (210points) 1 week ago

In the not so distant past. My boss fired me for using a ‘gold stock’ of high-quality stationery. He said “Shut up. Don’t humiliate yourself.”. I immediately packed up all my things and, leaving, said “That life was too short for all this.”.

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Thanks for sharing. What’s the question?

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What would you say in my place?

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You said it well and you should be proud of yourself.

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Hi there, @bttrfldBurton2025ueieEnthusias. Since you’re here, let’s talk.

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Succinct, to the point, irrefutable. What’s left?

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Say better… maybe. But a good exclamation point would have a swift kick to
the bullocks.

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@SavoirFaire what should they talk about with us?

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@Mimishu1995 He means with the mods, I would think. We can stay out of it.

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Did you say talk to the Mods?! I just peed a little.

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“He said “Shut up. Don’t humiliate yourself.”
My reply then would had been ” Well you are doing a good job of humilating yourself”, you will

be receiving a letter soon from my lawyer to appear in Court on charges of Employee

Harrassment .

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Well I had a boss like that who liked to take their frustrations out on workers. I asked her to lunch and then during lunch, I told her she needs to learn to speak to me like the adult I am, in a respectful manner always, like the way I am doing with her during lunch. Then I proceeded to tell her that I did not need my job badly enough to be treated like crap and embarrassed publically. If she needed to correct me on something doing with the job, then pull me aside and speak to me as an adult. I added this was her one and only waring. If she ever slipped up I would embarrass her so Loudly and badly in public that she would be ashamed to show her face at work. A job I know she needs to hold onto being her only source of income.

She learned after that to call me Ms.Pandora (not my real name) and say thank you and please, and you’re welcome. We got along great after that. Bullies don’t learn by you leaving. Most are truly just cowards. They can dish it out but they can’t take it
For years all our co-workers hated working with her. She would bully them and they hated her. They could not believe how respectful she acted toward me later. I told them well we went out to lunch and had a nice chat to better understand each other.

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@SavoirFaire You GO bud!! Sic ‘em!

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