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What is your favorite Star Trek alien?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21483points) September 19th, 2008

I’d have to say that the Klingons are my favorite, although the Vulcans and the Cardassians come in a close second.

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Green chick (==> Wikipedia). Hawt!

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Klingons are my favorite. Cue is my least favorite alien if you want to call him that.

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Arrg. Me favorite would have to be t’Borg. Seven, to be specific…

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@gooch: do you hate only the John de Lancey Q or all of the Q continuum? We do meet others of the Q who are not as bad as the John de Lancey character in Voyager.

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Q from the “Next Generation” is the one I really hate the most. I just don’t like the power of toying with people especially Jean Luc because he is the man!

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I am in agreement with robmandu, but I must also mention the Deltan, Lt. Ilia, who was so deliciously portrayed by a former Miss India, the late (and stunningly beautiful) actress Persis Khambatta

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The Salt Vampire, right after the Klingons.

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They be very troubling!

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Just out of curiosity, but shouldn’t the question be, ”WHO is your favorite Star Trek alien?”

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I was thinking more along the lines of species, but I seem to be getting a mix. Personally, I couldn’t pick just one Klingon or Cardassian as my favorite, though Tuvok from Voyager is a runaway first for my favorite Vulcan. :)

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Oh, no way! Spock is the man!. Saying Tuvok was the better Vulcan is a bit like saying Roger Moore was a better Bond than Sean Connery.

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Ah, but what a lot of people forget is that Spock was only half Vulcan. Tuvok was full Vulcan, and, as of yet, the only Vulcan who has evolved past the normal disdain most Vulcans feel about emotional species.

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Ferengi? I’m sure I’m not spelling that right. But I loved Quark. I identified with his ridiculous ears. :’(

i totally spelled it right. i need to go to a kegger or something. you’re questions bring out my inner dweeb

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And that, my dear, is why I added you to my fluther. You seem to be as big a nerd as I am. :P

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Oh, you have no idea.


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Just so everyone here doesn’t feel so all alone…

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ferringai and klingon

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