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Buying an iTunes Season Pass?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1991points) September 19th, 2008

I tried to purchase a season pass of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and it said everything went through ok, but nothing started downloading. There are two episodes up so those should have immediately downloaded. Now I’m afraid to try it again because I don’t want to be charged twice.

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Heck no- I’ll get my shows and music DRM free, thank you very much.

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But how do I know if I got it?

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I’ve had this problem before. I bought a music video on iTunes and it played as a song, not a video.

Another time I bought a show and it simply wouldn’t play. I don’t know how you can be sure if the show will play or not but my advice is to avoid iTunes like the plague.

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contact iTunes some how. Within a few days it should send an email reciept, then you’ll know for sure if it charged you. Also, if you go to your iTunes account (sorry I’m not sure exactly of the steps since I’m on my iPhone) and there should be some sort of purchase history, and probably a way to report an error with a purchase.

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Also, in iTunes, go to the Store menu and look at the bottom. Depending on which version you’re using, there should be an option that says either:
“Check For Purchases” or “Check For Available Downloads”.

P.S. It always helps to be running the newest version of iTunes when dealing with the store and such.

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