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What are the best fair rides?

Asked by flyawayxxballoon (1352points) September 19th, 2008

What are your favorites?

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I always liked the zipper. A couple of years ago I got my husband to ride it with me. He said “We’re getting to old for this crap.” I told him “Speak for yourself!”

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By far the best fair ride is the Zipper. I feel passionately about this. It has a vertical support with an axle in the center. Rotating on that axle is an oblong shape around which a belt runs, and that belt continually makes circuits of the oblong shape. Attached to the belt are cars, which each have their own axis of rotation and spin independently of each other. So, when the ride is running, you are spinning in three separate motions concurrently, and the individual cars often get hurled around the end of the oblong by the rotating belt and sent into a fast spin on their own axes.

I think what I find so great about it is that there are so many different motions going on tat it’s impossible for your brain to figure out what’s going to happen next. So much spinning! It’s close to the perfect ride.

Not one for the faint-of-stomach, of course.

You can see one here:

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Wow Leggo, you must have gotten an A on that high school descriptive paper everyone has to write!

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I like the Gravitron.

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No Judi, it’s the Zipper which inspires me. :)

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The Zipper sounds like a great ride, but I would not be able to ride it…
Kudos to those who can! I have a phobia of falling, so that ride would just give me a heart attack…

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@bodyhead; I have yet to ride that one, but I’ve heard good things…I’m actually going to the fair today and plan to ride it!

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I’m going to the fair today too, but I don’t think I’ll get to ride the zipper. I’m going with my husband and his friend from high school. They’re older and probably won’t want to ride.

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Unfortunately I live in Manhattan, where fairs are non-existent. And now I want to go on the Zipper BAD!

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The Gravitron is pretty fun without being scary at all. It Just uses centrifugal force to slowly press you against a wall inside a huge spinning top. It sounds pretty lame but it’s really fun. Science is neat.

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My top three:

1. The Hurricane
2. the Zipper (and this is really a tie for first place)
3. the Gravitron

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Any ride involvin’ Pirates!

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The zipper is a death trap in my opinion. I like the tilt-a-whirl, personally. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Oh yay I’m going to the fair tomorrow I am so excited!

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I know I be soundin’ like a bad pirate. But, ay! It be the truth!
With me patch ‘n’ me peg, I be gettin’s on all—except me own ship.

Landlubbers, I know ye be shocked to hear.
But me own ship shivers me timbers ‘n’ makes me blow chunks!

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Oh, the Zipper is undoubtedly a death trap, Emily, no question about it. But as far as I’m concerned, in the world of fair rides, that’s a check mark in the “pro” column.

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Any ride is good after a couple of bottles of wine, believe me!

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Lig: If I be gettin’ on my own ship, you be seein’ that wine again matey!

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