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Is humanity inevitably headed towards a hive mind?

Asked by WhyNow (1632points) 1 day ago

For the sake of survival, we must be of one mind.

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Clearly not happening and given human nature, not going to happen.

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I had to look this up to understand the concept; here is the link
I would not want to lose my individuality hooked up to millions of people of all types, from good to bad. I think that nothing good would come of it.
It has to be separate in a “think tank” situation only to solve world problems otherwise we would be nothing more than robots connected to an interface program.
Individuality would be lost in essence, our personalities and uniqueness would disappear.

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If I understand the concept correctly, I’ll say no, but I do think we have groups of people in society who function like a hive, and not for good. It’s more like following the leader mindlessly now, rather than sharing information though.

I’ve been in presentations about artificial intelligence (AI) facilitating the sharing of information across industries, scientific disciplines, and borders, and I think as this develops more and more there will be a hive type access to information and knowledge.

Fluther is a collective, but we don’t all think or behave the same. There is always multiple influences in our environment, so a true hive mentality is difficult to achieve in my opinion. Although, more and more in the US groups of people only see narrow sources of information. Google searches give you back the stories that will reinforce your existing beliefs. People usually surround themselves with like-minded people. People want to believe their beliefs are correct.

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Possibly, but it seems to be more like hives of ants building too close to one another. They tend to band together to attack those not like them. That pretty much sums up what’s going on these days.

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@Inspired_2write Welcome to a (one of) “think tank” Fluther.

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I doubt it. But it is essential that we get along. We aren’t doing so good in that area right now.

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I don’t really believe that humanity will ever become that. But with that said, I do believe Americans come close at times to dispel a great threat. Look at 9/11 and how we were all in sync (at least for a short time)

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If we are and if we must, it sure as heck isn’t the right one!

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@RayaHope I am, like you I think, a great believer in the human spirit. For that I have been called a dreamer and not in a good way. The problem as I see it is that whatever
powers that be want to take away that spirit. We need to fight back… How?
Let our spirit explode! Come up with better bucket lists and do them.

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@WhyNow Yes, I second that statement! I am a dreamer too and do have faith in humanity. There are some fractions that want to squelch us and if we can unite under a common ground I believe we could prevail. Look @me sounding all intelligent or like a preacher. lol

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