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What do you call the actual container or boxed part of a book?

Asked by LVid (7points) August 7th, 2022

What do you call the actual container or boxed part of a book? I have a rare pop-up book that contains many enclosures that are all packaged together inside a box-like “container”—the artwork of which is a duplication of the book—but I don’t know what it is called.

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Cover, like hard cover as compared to paperback.

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It’s usually called a boxed set and the outside container would be the box.

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Look up something similar on a collectors’ website and see what they call it.

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Probably a book slip. A sleeve.

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A hard cover book is case bound. The front cover, spine, and back cover are the case. If boxed, it would be a case bound book with slipcase.

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