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What percentage of yellow mustard once served does not get consumed?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11810points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I don’t eat all the mustard I pour out. Probably up to ten percent of all the mustard I used in life was wasted.

Same for you?

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I LOVE mustard, so I probably ate ALL of mine plus your 10%!!! I find many people don’t care for mustard, so I’d “guess” that the number is higher than your 10%!!!

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I like mustard to be disguised by whatever I am putting it on, so I would say the majority of the mustard I use is not eaten up.

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I can’t stand typical American yellow mustard. Any that I actually eat is unintentional and a bad time for me.

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Most of the mustard I use goes on the hot dog or sandwich so all is eaten. The exception is when I make pigs in blankets and put mustard on the plate to dip them in. In that situation, there definitely is waste. By the way, Gulden’s Spicy Brown is my mustard of choice.

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Less than 5% for me I LOVE mustard and could (and have, when I had too much) eat it with a spoon.

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Oh, my, there’s an issue that I have never once thought to worry about.

I have noticed with some bemusement, if not dismay, how people commonly help themselves to huge amounts of catsup, especially when it comes in little packets or cups. They usually end up throwing a bunch away.

As for mustard, I don’t serve it (much less pour it) as a side dish. Either it’s added with other condiments (catsup, relish) to a burger or hot dog, or deployed carefully and sparingly (turkey sandwich), or it’s incorporated into the recipe: a small amount in, say, tuna fish salad or potato salad. So it all gets consumed.

I used to favor Gulden’s Spicy Brown too for many years, but somewhere along the line I switched to Grey Poupon. The yellow stuff of my childhood (French’s) is not for me.

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Mustard and hot sauce are the only two everyday condiments I will consume. I can’t say I have wasted any mustard.

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My mustard does not go to waste, but like @Jeruba, most of the catsup goes to waste in my family.

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Oh, @zenvelo, that doesn’t happen in my house. The catsup users put it on their burger or whatever and eat it up. Most of the waste I see out there in the field seems to go along with side orders of fries, things like that.

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I rarely eat yellow mustard. I rarely have yellow mustard in the house.

If yellow is all that is available, then I use it. I usually put it directly on my hot dog or sandwich, and everything I put on my sandwich winds up in my tummy.

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I’m not a big mustard fan but we do like @Jeruba does. And yes I’ve seen ungodly amounts of catsup wasted at school or in a restaurant.

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Mustard & chopped onions for my hot dogs. Catsup totally ruins a good dog!!! I don’t allow myself hot dogs often; but when I do, I want them smothered in mustard to glue on the chopped onions!!!

A good homemade, grill seared hamburger is better with mustard & sliced onions. A dab of catsup is acceptable, but MORE mustard than catsup is preferred!!!

When I eat fries, I usually use catsup. Then again, after several orders of fries from the same place, I switch over to dipping them in mustard for a change of taste!!!

A roast beef or ham sandwich also calls for mustard!!!

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I dip bagels in yellow mustard. It is like soft pretzel.

It’s ketchup too, certainly.

I am opting to use less and go back for more as needed now.

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I love mustard. None of mine goes to waste. I like it yellow, seedy and grainy, spicy brown, hot Chinese style, sweet and hot, and Dijon.

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All of it. I really dislike mustard.

We had my cousins over last March for an Irish boiled dinner. I got three very nice mustards for the table. None of it was touched.

We are apparently not mustard people.

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