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What do you think about politicians changing parties to run?

Asked by JLeslie (63059points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Recently, friends of mine remembered they needed to change their party affiliation for the primaries. They had switched to Republican a couple of years ago to vote for a local politician. When I heard that I was shocked to find out that politician is a Republican. He is in a neighboring county, so I know him, he lives where I live, but I can’t vote for him. Turns out he’s usually a Democrat too, but the Republican ticket was open or something like that. Similar to when Bloomberg in NYC ran as a Republican.

I figure some voters don’t know the back stories and vote for a candidate according to the D or R, and might not realize that person is really closer aligned with the other party.

Are you ok with it? Do you feel it’s dishonest or deceptive? Or, is it fair game play, and just working within the system. If they don’t lie about their positions on issues does it matter which party they identify with?

If you are outside of the US please substitute the party names in your country or feel free to comment on the US system.

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You mean like Trump running for President as a Democrat ??

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Dishonest and sleazy. I wouldn’t vote for them just on that basis.

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@smudges What if it is well known and they make no secret of it?

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This isn’t an issue that should upset anyone. Do you actually believe we might have better politicians if they or their voters weren’t allowed to switch parties? Politicians want to be elected. End of story. Why does the current bumper crop of sleazebag absurdly stupid loudmouths currently skew Republican? It’s because it is clearly the party in tune with its voters. It is the party that OPENLY promotes “the dumber the better” and is AMPLY rewarded in the effort. Currently the race is on in the party to win the “who can be more obtuse” horse race, and it’s a crowded field. At bottom you just cannot avoid the fact that we get the politicians we deserve.

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@JLeslie I still wouldn’t vote for them because of it. People who believe in something don’t jump ship at the promise of something better. They stand by what they believe in.

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@smudges What I’m talking about has nothing to do with what they believe in. They aren’t flip flopping or pandering.

I’m not talking about what Trump did, I’m talking about what politicians like Bloomberg or Bernie Sanders did. We always knew what they were thinking and where they stood on policy.

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I would look into whether the party change represents a change in heart or was just a matter of convenience.

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I think politicians that do that are generally looked on suspiciously. Some have managed to make the move successfully, but they are not normal. But it really depends on why they are changing parties.

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I would want to know what changed – did the person change? Not likely. Did the party change?

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