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How to research in human ageing after bachelors in biotechnology ?

Asked by ANIKBYPASS (21points) August 8th, 2022

I want to do research in human aging after bachelors in biotechnology form India, how should I start my journey from this point ?

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Good idea to get a mentor to further your education, but you gotta be worth it.
You most definitely can find a good job with a B.S. If you feel you want more, you
should by now have an idea for a thesis and even a dissertation. Only then
will you find a lab willing to sponsor you.

There is way big money in biotech, but only big ideas get big money. You get a job
now you’ll be OK, tho it will be very tough to present new ideas after you’re
the industry is very very cut throat.

I made my first ten figure paycheck in biotech software and used it to hire my first
two hundred employees to finish my videogame.

Best of luck to you!


@WhyNow Thanks for Replying, but I don’t want a job and get settled down so quick, I want to find the cure, provide something to mankind, And if it doesn’t sound dramatic I want to just prevent my parents from growing old and dying. I know Death is inevitable, but still I just want them to live a long long life with me.


@WhyNow I wanted to know more about thesis and desertion that you mentioned, ngl i dont have much idea about those things. Can we connect somewhere else too like snapchat or instagram or messgenger just to gather more information if you like to share some ?

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