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Did you know that Olivia Newton-John died?

Asked by RayaHope (5118points) 1 month ago

I don’t know much about her except she was a singer and she was in that old movie Grease back in the day. She had breast cancer twice about two decades apart. Did you like her music?

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I heard about it on FaceBook last night. I enjoyed her performance in “Grease” even though it wasn’t my type of movie. RIP Olivia.

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I loved her music when I was a teenager. I remember watching Grease and my mom and dad cracking up at so much of it. Makes me smile thinking about it. My sister and I used to sing all of the Xanadu songs.

I went to see her in concert where I live several years ago. It was right before she announced she had cancer again, I was so glad I had gone to see her, the concert was sold out, but I went anyway and was lucky to be able to buy a ticket at the door.

Very sad that she suffered so much with cancer.

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I noticed that.

I didn’t really like her music (I’m not into US soft pop), but she seemed like a nice person, and the movie Xanadu was pretty strange and amusing and worth a look if you want to see a 1970s phenomenon.

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I did see that. It’s very sad. Breast cancer has taken too many wonderful people too soon. I can’t say I’m crazy about her music, but her Grease performance was legendary.

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I found out that she was 29 when she did Grease and I swear she could pass for a teenager.

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That’s what she was supposed to act.
Both her and Travolta were supposedly sixteen years old, in the movie.

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Her stuff was too saccharin for my tastes, entirely too vanilla. Nonetheless, I’m sorry to hear she’s gone. The world needs vanilla too.

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@rebbel For some reason I thought it was supposed to be their senior year. It was still crazy and very funny that the cast was supposed to pass for teenagers, but since it was a musical they could take a lot of liberties I guess. Similar to being on stage. They all looked around age 30 to me.

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@JLeslie I am terrible with trying to determine someone’s age, I could think someone is 18 and they are really 35. I have to be careful.

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If someone is young, but very overweight, it can make them look much older. Teenagers generally have a very small frame, and by 25 we look more filled out. If a teen is heave it can age them ten years. It works the opposite direction too. A 25 year old who is very thin can look like a teenager. So, if someone is very heavy I really study their face if I’m trying to guess their age, instead of first impression.

Past age 30 there are different cues. Like lines on the neck is a give away in my generation for over age 40. My mom always told me to protect my neck from the sun, and I didn’t listen! I regret not listening to my mom.

It still can be really hard to determine someone’s age. Especially, people with darker skin tend to “age” less. My husband (olive skin) could pass for 20 years younger than he is. In his 50’s he still has thick black curly hair and barely a wrinkle.

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My sister had Grease and another album. Hopelessly Devoted was added the film because her agent demanded a solo song for her.

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@kruger_d I’m glad she got what she wanted.

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She performed at Disneyland when my graduating class was there in 74. She was wonderful.

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She had a great voice too a snd loved her singing in Grease!

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