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Do you prefer to have a larger house with a pool and some gym equipment, or to belong to a community with a club house and other amenities?

Asked by JLeslie (63081points) 1 month ago from iPhone

The amenities cost around $300 a month, but it includes total lawn care (even the irrigation water is free) a large club house, gym, and indoor and outdoor pool. The houses are 2,000 to 2,600 sq. ft.

Or, you could buy a more expensive house and part of that $300 could go towards your mortgage payment.

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I would much prefer to belong to the community clubhouse. There is effort in maintaining a pool, and I also enjoy the company of others.

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My home. No lines, no dirty equipment, everything just as you left it.

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Neither. I don’t want the hassle of owning and maintaining a pool. But I don’t necessarily like having to go somewhere like a clubhouse to work out – and then either drive back in stinky clothing or deal with putting stuff in a gym bag, and have to deal with padlocks and lcokers.

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I really don’t know much about house payments and stuff but I would love to have access to a pool, gym, and a clubhouse to hang out with friends and you don’t have to clean it up sounds great! If they have a nice beach, I’m sold :)

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I’m in the neither category. I prefer living as I do now. A bit out with no neighbors too close to me. I just had this conversation yesterday with my brother about a pool. We both agreed that we wouldn’t want to have to take care of one.
And I do have an elliptical and some weights and a stomach machine in my basement.

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I like living by myself so I’d take the larger house.

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larger house with a wii fit no pool.

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Just a normal sized house that can house a small family and some pets.
No need for a pool.

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@rebbel Agreed. We use one of the guest rooms as a gym, and the neighbors pool is next door. No maintenance required haha!

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Given the choice, ‘B’ — but I’m not sure I care if I have access to a pool. The included maintenance and such would be nice though and likely worth the fee.

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The house doesn’t need to be huge, I just mean a room for some exercise stuff or a basement. Some of you are doing just that.

I agree a pool can be a pain, I miss having one though.

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I prefer to have a forested yard, zero lawn, no health club, no pool to maintain myself, and to exercise by hiking in other forests, on beaches, in town, etc. I don’t think I really need/want a gym.

If someone (even the YMCA) is willing to share a pool that I don’t have to maintain, that’s good.

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@Zaku Yes!! Nature is an amazing gym!

Although my front is manicured, my backyard is a bit wild for the bee’s and flutterby’s. :)

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I will never work out in a public space, especially around women.

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@KNOWITALL Oh I love butter poopers ;)

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@Blackberry Why? Our spandex freak you out?

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Is that a typo? :(p

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@Brian1946 no I looked it up and it’s from a loooong time ago. Look up the word: flutterby’s

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Fun fact: People used to think butterfly’s stole milk and butter, thus the name butterfly. :)

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Community pool. Don’t want to deal with the maintenance or liability.

Between the two options, I’d choose in-home gym. I’d rather work out at home. Maintenance is pretty low. Just a matter of space.

Though, honestly, I don’t work out often enough to actually warrant this.

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I’m with @raum. I would rather the indoor/outdoor pool that I don’t have to maintain. People that I know who have pools say they’re a pain in the butt to maintain. I don’t work out enough to warrant a home gym. Maybe if I had one, I would use it but chances are I wouldn’t.

The total lawn care is another bonus to option #1. I am waiting for the era when having a lawn that needs watering and mowing becomes something antiquated, and homeowners’ associations let more yards go “natural landscape.”

The huge house is more than I need. More rooms that I won’t go in, which will store shit, and will need to be maintained, heated, etc. More rooms to pay a larger mortgage on – no thank you.

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I prefer privacy so I would want my own space and pool.

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I don’t like public pools or public gyms. We have our own pool and exercise room. The pool maintenance is $100 a month, full service.

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@YARNLADY: It wouldn’t be a public pool, it would be a private Homeowners’ Association’s pool. Limited membership, public not invited.

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I don’t need a pool. I have free access to a brand new pool/rec center operated by my city and funded by cannabis taxes.

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I’d much rather have my own large house with pool and all, if it was all maintained and taken care of – not all the maintenance work being on me. Of course I cannot afford it.

I instead have a membership at my public city pool. I don’t always like the schedule they have and/or being around so many people. I do love the water.

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@jca2 To me, anyone not family is public.

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