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Do words starting with the letter d tend to have a negative connotation?

Asked by LostInParadise (30071points) 1 month ago

I vaguely remember being taught that Edgar Allen Poe was of that opinion, but I did a Web search and could not find anything. It is really easy to list words starting with d that have negative connotation: death, delay, depressed, deplorable, disabled, dingy, demented, diabolical, dreary, disease, drought, ...

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Dreams. Dreamy. Delightful.

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So many positives.
I never heard that theory myself.

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Delightful is good name. Darling about something lost. A very interesting question. The masters know better. Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King are powerful representatives of mystical negativism. It’s hard to believe, but positive writers in life sometimes suffer setbacks and shocks that give birth to this genre. More recently, I felt strong damage from the course of events in my personal life. And for a while my mind was rebuilt in a way that without my will began to look for dark manifestations of nature. And if this feeling had lasted, then I would have become a successful representative of this genre and probably would have answered you the truth.

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Dove, delicious, delectable, divine, devout, desire, daisy, donor, delicate, dulcet, daring, decisive, diamond . . .

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Damn right!

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Debonair, delightful, delectable, debutante, drummer, demure, dentist (okay, that could be negative), donut…Nope, d does not always have a negative connotation.

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Part of the reason why there are so many negative terms starting with d is that the prefixes de- and dis- are frequently used to negate a meaning. This is obvious for words like destabilize and disrespect, but it also holds true for words with Latin roots, like devious and dissent.

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The only one I can think of is ‘deez’

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“Debut” sounds pretty exciting.

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De doggy did de doo-doo in de driveway…yeh, I guess.

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@RocketGuy , I match you with debacle

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I add dunderhead.

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Darwinism demographically depicts descendants devolving downwards.

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