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Is it possible Trump purposely kept secret records to stir up his base?

Asked by filmfann (50618points) 1 month ago

I may be giving him more credit for brains than he deserves.

What if he knew the government was going to seize these records, so he could claim outrage, and reinvigorate his supporters?

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No ! I think he thought he could bullshit his way out of any problems, and I don’t think he consulted with any lawyers before he took the documents.

They may try and claim the President can declassify classified documents BUT some Top Secret are not. If he has any of those it would be National Security he risked !

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@filmfann. Perhaps. Darling users, people who work for a long time and win cannot be foolish.

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Nah, he isn’t that smart.

I think it was theft and trying to cover up secrets of his bad behavior, pure and simple. He doesn’t have the strategic acumen to save them to stir people up.

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The theory online is that tgis is his way to get info out and on the record. So supposedly it is intentional to bury the Democrats. Just the online rumors today.

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Maybe he thought that he could get a book deal out of the infromation, perhaps.

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Secrets and Top Secrets in a book don’t go well with USA government. @Inspired_2write

Might be considered TREASON; maybe a firing squad !

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I am sure that they would allude to probabilities rather than actual facts to hide the fact that its true.

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Really – - – Treason is TREASON !

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When Mark Milley called his Chinese mirror to assure him he would inform
the CCP of an impending attack, is that treason?
When Obama is caught on a hot mike telling the Russian president that he
(Obama) would be more amenable after the election, is that treason?

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Ah, the old deflection and ‘what if’ game, @WhyNow—so often used by people who have no other arguments. We have seen it so many times before. The last refuge of people who can’t make a good argument, so they deflect to something irrelevant.

Obama and Milley aren’t the ones who stole classified data and kept it at Mar-a-lago.

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^^ I am responding to “Really – – – Treason is TREASON !”
You say those points are irrelevant? I will wait… this time please
bring some proof of guilt so I can join you in passing an
appropriate punishment.

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I am having trouble with question because you imply that the act of holding
secret documents will stir up the… unless, wait I get it. Trump forced the FBI
to raid his home, with AK’s and flashing lights just to stir trouble.
I am slow… a political novice.

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And, actually, there are online threats against the FBI after the search.

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