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Did you hear that an armed Antifa supporter man has tried to enter the FBI office in Ohio?

Asked by rebbel (34783points) 1 month ago

I wonder, could this incident have anything to do with the raid on Trump’s residence, some days ago?

You Americans have been, and are still, living in crazy times; seems that the one absurd event is followed by the next, even weirder one…
Do you think that the worst has happened, or is it still to come, in your view?

Is the much opined phrase Civil War a real possibility?

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Not to smart to try to enter a barracks type of building where probably 99% of the people that work there are likely to be armed and trained professionals.

I saw it on a news site.

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@jca2. In the movie where Jackie Chan’s character and his supporters were shot by the Japanese occupation army at the end. It was also not too smart of them to try to meet a powerful force. Link:

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We could be heading to civil war, sure. Wouldn’r be the first time we’ve had to self-correct.
The parties and their games are not a good time.

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I will continue to believe that talk of “civil war” is overblown. What most Americans want is “their guy” in the White House and something to complain and rage about when their guy is not in the White House. A real “people vs. the government” civil war would require a will to completely overthrow the system as we know it (not just the two-party system, but the entire structure of the presidency, the SCOTUS, etc.), and I don’t believe that will is there. It’s not impossible, but we have a ways to go before that point. Someone turning against the FBI because they investigated their guy will be placated by the FBI investigating someone they don’t like next week. It isn’t indicative of a larger desire to abolish the FBI (substitute FBI in this example for any other key structure of American governance).

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They have now said the guy is dead. It wasn’t going to end any other way.

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Was he wearing a Red MAGA hat ?

Did he vote twice for TRUMP ?

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No one knows yet but possibly. Sounds like a white guy, 42, driving a Crown Vic.

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Dead dumbass. Wasted his life for absolutely nothing worth losing it for.

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Trump activated fright winger

At Jan 6th event in DC

Had Trump social website account

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Antifa is not that dumb… they would not try to infiltrate. Because once inside they
could not use their tactical technique of running away. They would barricade the
building and set it on fire trapping those inside to a horrible death.

As for civil war… who would fight? Antifa, once violence starts, would become
conscientious objectors and start running towards Canada.

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