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Trump has been given permission by the Attorney General to disclose what wast removed from his house or what was in the subpoenas. If he doesn’t reveal these things, what do you think this means?

Asked by chyna (48110points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I think he is hiding something huge (or hugely).
What do you think and do you think this could result in jail time for him?

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AG Garland has announced he will release the subpoena. So it won’t get the Trump spin.

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He has? Last I heard neither trump or his attorneys have a copy of the warrant or
the subpoena. Does the US Attorney General have to give permission to disclose…
whatever? It is customary to leave a signed list of what they took and require lawyers
to sign off on it.

The AG Merritt Garland actually said it was an FBI matter for some document museum.
Many agents went in with backpacks so did they add anything to items or leave
anything behind ie spy bugs?

In any case we know trump is EVIL so we must do everything in our power to stop
him even break the law! To protect democracy and for the children.

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@Zenvelo If trump objects to the release of the the warrant and items seized, can the AG still release that information?

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Garland has asked a judge to unseal the warrant and receipt of what was taken which Trump has had since Monday night. Apparently Trump has til 3 p.m. tomorrow to respond. No laws have been broken.

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Subpoena they had months ago . . didn’t turn everything over ! !

Search warrant was step two for missing documents . . . !

They may have gotten more than Trump wants them to have . . . correspondence Putin or Xi.

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An indictment is just an accusation, not a conviction. I’m very interested in the specifics.

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Good grief our Canadian politics sure is dull compared to you Yankees.

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I don’t know what has happened with this, but my guess is Trump will make up things if he thinks his loyal followers will get angry at Democrats and donate more money to Trump. Most people won’t actually read the subpoena.

Has the information been published? What’s the update?

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Trump has a copy of the subpoena and the warrant. He is thinking it is so secretive it won’t be released.
Garland has called his bluff.
Now Trump’s lawyers have to decide if they want it released.
Trump is in deep shit.

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Trump is entitiled to withold details of his subpoena from the public, as well as items confiscated in the raid on his residence. Garland has deprived him only of the ability to lie as he usually does about some cooked up claim that he is forbidden to come clean. This is just a replay of his usual bullshit. Remember all the promises and excuses about not disclosing his tax records? Well this is just another attempt to hide again the mountain of documentation attesting to proof he is a scumbag.

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Trump doesn’t whether to shit or go blind !

He is in the corner – - – January 6th committee, classified documents at Mar-A-Lago and tax evasion in New York.

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“I don’t know what has happened with this, but my guess is Trump will make up things if he thinks his loyal followers will get angry”
We know what his followers should do is shut up, stand aside, and clap.

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We already saw one of his wack-jobs take on the FBI and Ohio State troopers.

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@chyna It’s after 3pm. Has anything been reported yet?

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@SEKA Nothing online yet.

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Thanks. Thought I’d missed it. This just came across

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@SQUEEKY2 Be thankful. You’ve been blessed

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All I have heard ‘‘twas that he has some top secret documents. But I think that was being reported yesterday as speculation.

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@SEKA Interesting. Trump could be charged with espionage. I heard some of the documents have to do with nuclear bomb information. Why would he need that at Mar-O-largo unless he was planning on selling it? Anyhow, apparently having any of these types of top secret documents could mean he could be found guilty of espionage. Apparently, for espionage, intent is not needed. Just having the documents in his possession is enough. Now he’s crying Obama has them too. LOL If Obama had anything that could’ve sent him to prison Trump would’ve done exactly that. But its funny, because to say Obama has them too then he’s admitting he took secret documents.

Then there is the whole thing that he was asked in June to give over all documents and he apparently did not. And throw in the fact that he is crying that they broke into his safe. Why didn’t he comply the first time and at least this time open the safe? Because he knew what he took wasn’t legit for him to take.

Some secret documents can’t even leave a skiff. President or not at the time he had to actually steal these or have someone steal them for him.
I know the right is going to claim it’s all a lie but then why did he fess up to having secret documents by saying Obama has them too? Because he knows the right will believe him to the bitter end.

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The right will be spinning this for weeks.

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If Obama has them too, they both should be cellmates

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@SEKA And you think if Obama had them too that Trump wouldn’t have had Obama’s home raided? He hated Obama and was so jealous of him. He would’ve done it in a heartbeat. Especially while Republicans ruled. They all hated Obama. He would’ve loved to have any dirt on Obama and I’m sure Obama wouldn’t have been stupid enough to give Trump any reason to come after him. Obama and his wife were both lawyers. They would never be so stupid.
There are things and documents presidents can take with them but it has to go through a whole process with it being approved by the presidential archives people and I believe even congress. I trust Obama would’ve taken only what was allowed and given the stamp of approval.
Funny enough, Trump stiffened the law about taking unsanctioned unclassified documents after Hillary Clinton was never charged.

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@Pandora I agree with you. He signed a law in 2018 to increase the jail time for taking the documents from 1 year to 5 years. I thought he was trying to setup Hillary. Funny thing is that he was the one to get caught

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@SEKA, you ever notice that he never says I didn’t do this or that but rather, points to other people for doing what he is accused of? Somebody pointed out that Trump is like the guy who gets caught cheating but then tries to gaslight his wife for looking in his personal stuff.

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NY Times published an actual copy of the warrant. I would link it but most people here don’t have access to NY Times and in the past, have said they can’t get past the paywall.

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@jca2 , @SEKA posted it above. It’s marked Here.

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