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Is this a glitch?

Asked by smudges (8234points) August 11th, 2022

On the right, where it gives Lurve points, it shows that I got 2 for a particular question about apples and bleach. But when I see my answer itself, it only shows a “1”. Not a big deal, I just find it strange and wonder if fluther is on the fritz. By the time this is answered it’ll probably be fine. That’s what usually happens to me. :D

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I noticed today that when I gave a “great answer” it would go from 0 – 2 like I was giving 2 for one answer. weird?

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^^I’ve seen it do that, but always assumed it was two people voting at virtually the same time.

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^Same here lol! like minds :)

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@smudges It happens. It will right itself over time.

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@smudges It is a glitch but not one they can fix seemingly. It happens to me all the time and I’ve complained about it. My list will show 4 GAs for a response but the thread only shows three, for example, and it never updates.

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<sigh> ah well, no great loss I s’pose…considering what else could go wrong – with fluther or life in general. :D

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