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What happened to "karens" and "snowflakes"?

Asked by elbanditoroso (31977points) 1 month ago

A year or two ago, both of those derorgatory terms were in vogue to describe undesirable traits of different population groups.

Now it’s 2022 – I haven’t heard either of those terms in months – maybe a year.

Did all the Karens disappear? Are there no more snowflakes?

Has an epidemic of politeness hit the US?

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There are still references to “Karens”; that hasn’t gone away. I see posts like that on facebook video all the time.

It turns out all the “snowflakes” were Republicans who got upset and had their feelings hurt when their leader didn’t get an electoral participation trophy.

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There’s been a whole gamut of mostly politicised pejoratives in the last decade or so.

Cucks, soy boys, SJWs, betas, NPCs, cultural marxists, snowflakes, and probably a few others I’ve missed.

I still see “snowflake” and “snowflake generation” used, but now perhaps more ironically by those on the left. I don’t encounter the others so much these days, and yet they used to seem to be parroted by about every reactionary on the internet. Mindlessly calling people “NPC” was always an ironic one for me.

“Woke” and it’s related forms is probably the more current pejorative.

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Well, my kind sir or madam nice to make your acquaintance. Let me just say politeness is always in fashion. We shall all benefit from a spot of tea and crumpets.

Now get the HECK out of my parking spot!!

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Karens and snowflakes have all paired off and become these odd, perpetual dom/sub relationships. Fifty shades of oy vey.

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I’m very happy to see that bit of name calling go away. I still see it at times on Facebook, but less of it.

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Maybe too many people have nice friends named Karen, so we don’t hear of nasty women being called Karens as much anymore.

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Some Karens still exist; however, the cops are now arresting them for assaulting others & the judges don’t put up with their crap!!! Saw one where the judge gave her a year in jail. She threw a tantrum screaming at the judge “But I don’t want to go to jail.” The judge laughed & responded :Well, you should thought of that before showing your ass.”

Snowflake was a term used by the right when they couldn’t come up with a better insult. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, the left chooses to NOT call the right by the same offensive name!!!

Back when the right was slinging it around willy-nilly, I always responded “Thank you.” as I felt it showed my uniqueness & beauty…NO 2 snowflakes are exactly alike & ALL are beautiful!!!

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Hi there. What a lovely question to ask. I want to thank you so much for posting this.
I truly wish you a wonderful day!

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See: a nice friend named Karen.

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My doctor’s name is Karen. She says she doesn’t get offended since she doesn’t act like a bitch!!!

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It became normalized.
People were surprised at first…that these people existed.
Now it’s just “Oh that’s a Karen, don’t make eye contact, don’t argue with her, she’ll just sue….or lie and say that you tried to assault her.”

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