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Are there any small things making your life more difficult right now?

Asked by longgone (18989points) 1 month ago

For the purpose of this question, small = “takes less than twenty minutes and/or dollars to fix”. I have a lot of examples:

My keyboard is missing the “N” – most frustrating.

The handle to the front door keeps coming apart.

My phone is out of storage space.

There are no real curtains in our bedroom yet, so light wakes everybody but me up at about 6:30 (and then I wake up from the noise).

Two doors in the house are very creaky.

One of my nails is cracked down the middle and keeps getting stuck on things.

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Just the arthritis in my knees.

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“My keyboard is missing the “N” – most frustrating.”

Have you tried using an onscreen keyboard?

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Not knowing what to order out or make myself for my evening meal.
Update I had leftover ginger beef and a slice of cherry pie.

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My fingernails are so nice and long but I’m afraid I may need to trim them before one breaks and I don’t want to cut them.
My cats like to waste food even though I try to portion it out right. But they always act like they’re starving.
Just a little nervous about my upcoming trip.

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—Walk into a computer repair shop and buy the letter N for a few cents.
If they won’t sell it to you try another and also buy glue.
—I don’t know enough about your front door handle BUT take a chair and some tools
park in front of it and study it. You’ll get it. You might need parts at a hardware store.
—How many people sleep in your bedroom?... we’ll skip this one.
—I keep WD40 on hand, always. Creaks happen.
—Glue a fake nail over the broken one till it heals.

The satisfaction you get from fixing those little problems are immeasurable…
Don’t be the one that curses the dark but doesn’t change the light bulb.

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People who decide you are too stupid to think of the most obvious fix just because you haven’t gotten around to it. I know a few of those.

Three boxes of books in my way that I keep forgetting to ask my daughter to take to the car so I can donate them.

The lightbulb too high to reach to change without using the ladder in the garage.

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My house is small and it’s tough because we’ve kind of outgrown it but it’s what we have for the time being. I like my stuff and it’s a struggle to find places for it.

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I lost one of my little gold earrings that I always wear.

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Re:“My cats like to waste food even though I try to portion it out right. But they always act like they’re starving.”
I came across that scenario when feeding my neighbors cats ( one female the other male).
They acted the sane way withone difference that the Male always gobbled up most of the cat food and would not let the feamale eat until it did ( and usually left a very small amount for her).
After talking with the owners when they returned from there trip she told me that it was a natural thing that all cats do from beginning of first cat ( lions,tigers etc).
That the MAle will eat first what it requires since its the main hunter in the wilds.
Leaving the female less.
I told that neighbor then that I felt it unjustified.
She asked me what I did?
lol I fed the female first and locked the male inthe bedroom until the female cat ate all.
Then refilled the dish for the male to eat.
Problem solved.

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Kitchen tap leaking but repairman in our building too busy so I wrapped the attatched part (not the end where the water comes out) with a small dish cloth until he gets to it.
Probably eeds a new washer but will wait until the apartment maintenance man gets around to it.

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@Inspired_2write That was a good thing you did for that poor female cat. The thing is I have two males and, yes, the biggest one eats the most (probably why he’s the biggest) The other male is the older one but he is only about half the size of the big one. Also, my older smaller cat seems so picky and doesn’t eat many times even if he is the first to the bowl. He doesn’t have any health problems because we do take them both to the vet for checkups. Then the big cat will eat the food and the smaller one will come back later looking for the food and the big one done ate it.

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@RayaHope Are the older one’s teeth/gums in good shape, or decent at least? That will often make a cat stop eating. Does he have some soft food as well as hard?

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Oh yes, they are both in good health, except the big one is overweight. They did check and clean the teeth of my smaller cat, but that was months ago. He didn’t have any sore issues but he did have a little plaque.

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Seems that male dominance is in cats as well.
I would separate them when eating ( in another room) and watch that smaller cat gain strength again.

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The bigger cat may knock me down but I’ll try that, thanks :)

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