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Have you streamed anything good lately?

Asked by jca2 (13911points) 1 month ago

I’m a fan of documentaries, and I keep a list of the ones I watch, just so I can remember all of them. Some are more sensational than others. Tonight, I watched one about Truman Capote and one about a guy who was a pimp to gay celebrities in Hollywood back in the 50’s through the 70’s. The other day, I watched a multi-part documentary about Victoria’s Secret and how the founder had ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

This past week, I also streamed the movie “Belfast” and a movie, “Blue Bayou” which was about East Asian immigrants in New Orleans.

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Last year a friend brought this to my attention. Great docu imo.

Then I saw and would recommend two docus on Gen. Grant and G. Washington by the History Channel. Impressive production values on both.

Got into the mood of watching good detective tales and binged recently on Wisting, followed by The Crimson Rivers. All it took was seeing the pilot episode and I’m hooked.

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Could you provide the titles of the documentaries you described? I’d be interested in seeing them. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a good documentary.

Lately I’ve been watching anime films, including Your Name, which was amazing. I also watched Weathering with You (by the same director), and the extremely disturbing Perfect Blue.

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@Demosthenes: The one about Truman Capote was called “The Truman Capote Tapes” and it featured taped interviews with him and with celebrities who he knew, discussing him.

The one about the Hollywood pimp to gay celebs was “Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood.” Here’s an NPR article about it:

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Valentino: The Last Emporer. He is an amazing designer! The documentary had some humor, and interesting to watch him in action and his relationships, and the fashions are beautiful.

The movie Evelyn. It’s based on a true story. It documents children being removed from their parents in Ireland in the 1950’s and put into church-run orphanages. This particular story and court case supposedly ushered in the changes to the laws so the practice was stopped.

Hotel Rwanda. You’ve probably seen it.

I recently watched the series Tehran, I liked it. I think it was on AppleTV. Half of the show is subtitles, so if you don’t like reading subtitles you won’t like it.

If you’ve never watched the series Counterpart, I loved it. Highly recommend it. It’s not based on anything real, just a good show. Two seasons.

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I’m not sure if it’s available for streaming, but I recently watched a great documentary called The Thin Blue Line. It’s about a case surrounding a police officer shot dead for no reason and the investigation around it. I won’t spoil too much of it for you, but this was a documentary that literally saved a man from being wrongfully accused, so you got a really great documentary right there.

It’s also really artistic, with clever use of video editing to drive home how confusing the case is and how deceptive the people involved can be. It can be a bit hard to keep track of things at time though.

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“Prey” was really good.
As was “The Sandman”.

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@Demosthenes: I can recommend more docs if you’d like.

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Powaqqatsi by Phillip Glass ( 1988)

An exploration of technologically developing nations and the effect the transition to Western-style modernization has had on them.

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Finishing up “For All Mankind” S3 (Apple TV+) today.

Will then be starting “A League of Their Own” S1 (Amazon) today.

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William Shatner hosted a quick show on Netflix about Lost civilizations that was interesting.

Showing how they used Lidar (radar) to discover the ancient cities in the forests.

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I recently finished watching the miniseries “Maid” on Netflix. It’s about a mother’s experience living in a homeless shelter with her daughter after leaving her emotionally abusive husband. It’s definitely hard to watch sometimes, but it’s well balanced by humor and genuinely interesting characters. Plus the mother and daughter are played by real life mother and daughter Andie MacDowell and Margaret Qualley, so a lot of the scenes feel even more realistic.

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@rockfan: My daughter and I just watched that too. Thought it was wonderful.

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“ELVIS” with Austin Butler and Tom Hanks was surprisingly good. I don’t think anything new was presented that hasn’t already been explored in previous biopics. But what’s remarkable (besides the acting) was the open acknowledgment that “colored/race” music heavily influenced Elvis and he seemingly respected black entertainers of his time. This representation is long overdue considering the long held misbelief that Elvis Presley was a racist. I can’t vouch for the historical accuracy of how his life was presented but that didn’t lessen my enjoyment of this highly entertaining, and often sad biopic.

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I just finished watching The Last Ship on HULU. Great show. It is fiction, but I can see it could definitely happen in today’s world.

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The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix!

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Loved that miniseries. It’s funny, some of the episodes take place in my hometown, and while it’s actually shot in Germany, they did an amazing job at making the exterior shots look exactly like Lexington, Kentucky

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