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Whose ideology should I adopt with regard to African Americans? The BLM movement or The Boondocks serial?

Asked by freguarUK (348points) 1 month ago

The BLM movement it means black lives matter.
The Boondocks — this serial. Link:
Only competent responses. Others must be to delete.

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Why does it have to be one or the other? Why can’t you establish your own, customized idealogy?

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Why limit yourself?

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Who am I to tell you what you should do.
Who are you letting someone tell you what you should do?

How about adopting an ideology regarding humans in general, and for individuals?

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Why do you need an ‘ideology’ for any group? @rebbel says it best – an ideology regarding humans in general.

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When someone decides to harm my being because of my personal ideology, can I refer to you in my conviction? Seiously!?

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BLM depends on others recognizing you as Oppressed Victim. The Boondocks embraces bitterness and accepts playing unfairly rather than changing the oppressors hearts and minds.

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Why do users give Great Answers others? And only I gave Great Answer to @filmfann ?

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It seems to me that filmfann’s answer is a great answer to your question, as you intended it.

The others seem like good answers to me, but they’re questioning what seem to them to be the premises and assumptions and mindset implied in the question.

I agree with all of the above answers. :-)

I’d add that I think a good attitude toward African Americans, is to treat them all as individual human beings, and to be well aware of the history they’ve endured, and the current prejudices and abuses that they’ve continued to face.

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Have you considered thinking for yourself?

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