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Can you handle your alcohol?

Asked by RayaHope (5117points) 1 month ago

I don’t normally drink alcoholic beverages so if I do have a little while out socializing or at some big family thing, I can’t handle it much at all. My brother calls me a lightweight and I do get teased about it. But there are a few mixed drinks that do taste pretty good.

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Not a factor for me. I have roughly 1 beer/month, and maybe 2 glasses of wine/year.

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If I must.

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I haven’t been drunk in about 50 years.
I think my handling was about average.

I take no pride in whatever ability I have to handle or consume booze.

The next time your bro teases you about your alcohol tolerance, tell him that unlike him, you have future plans for your liver. ;)

I drink occasionally, but when I do, it’s Michelob organic ultra-light beer or organic red wine.

Otherwise, I also prefer mixed drinks, such as peach or strawberry daiquiris; and peach or strawberry margaritas.
I think the last time I had one, was at least a year ago.

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@HP You sound like you’d rather not.

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I can. I shouldn’t. Sometimes I do. Much less frequent than when I was in my 20’s. It’s not something you want to do regularly. My advice would be to leave it alone until you’re out of college. Alcohol is a thief and it will rob your your productivity and possibly put you in bad situations.

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Don’t drink much these days. My wife always said I handled it well when I did. She told me I never got mean, just goofy and useless. I won’t elaborate on that comment, I’m in mixed company here.

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I can now. I mean, I’m still a lightweight but I know my limits. It took me a while to figure out. In high school, I’d be falling down drunk after a couple of drinks every time (I’ve always been very skinny so I seemed to be more of a lightweight than my friends). I don’t get drunk very often; the last time was months ago and that was really the only time this year, but I do enjoy it from time to time.

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@Blackwater Park I think that is very good advice. I do so want to go to college and get a good career. I don’t want to jeopardize my chances. Maybe I’ll stick to the non-alcoholic beverages.

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@RayaHope It’s rare that I must “handle” it.

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I can’t, not much. I used to drink some, although I could never keep up with my husband. Since the pandemic began, it’s been almost nothing, so my tolerance is very low.

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I can’t handle much alcohol. One glass of beer and I’m over it. Most alcohol tastes horrible to me. Beer is a bit better but still not much.

I hate it when anyone coerces me into drinking. I was flat-out called naive and “too inexperienced with life” for refusing to drink. If your pride is based on how much you drink then you have no life, period.

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I use a Runko alcohol handler… the plug in type, the battery version is a waste.

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When I was in high school/college I used to drink crazy amounts and was very proud of having a high tolerance.

…And then I grew up. I mostly drink interesting beers now, or on rare occasion, I’ll sip on some very expensive tequila.

Be smart when you drink and who you drink with. Alcohol can enrich your life, but it can also destroy it.

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I have a beer or a glass of wine almost daily. But I don’t like to drink a whole lot. My wife of 21 years has only seen me drunk twice and one of those was on a booze cruise in the Bahamas.

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It has been my experience that NOBODY handles their booze…their booze handles them!!!

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If anyone calls you a lightweight tell them “Yep. Think of the money I’ll save.”, and refuse the drink. If you must accept, just let it sit untouched on the table. Show everyone you have the willpower to avoid it. From then on you should be super cautious around them.
Friends and family that care about each other do not encourage drinking or drug use.

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I had a friend who didn’t want to drink, so she ALWAYS brought her own very expensive vodka bottle with her to ALL the parties. Then she’d drink like a fish without getting stupid. Turned out, the vodka bottle was full of water & everybody was impressed with how well she handled her booze!!!

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I stick to 1–2 drinks, usually with street taco’s or food, which is fine.
Rarely, I do indulge in moonshine with my cousins, or ice cold tequila. I tend to get a little wild when I cut loose since I’m wound pretty tight.

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I absolutely cannot handle drinking alcohol in any amount. If I were to have a glass of wine or a beer, chances are pretty much in favor of me ending up in jail either that day or the next.

It is why I have not had a drink since April 22, 1986.

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@LadyMarissa Your friend was very clever in turning alcohol into water instead of the other way around. lol
I always tell people, “It is gonna come up faster than it went down.” I just hate the taste of beer, ewww Some mixed drinks (with low alcohol content) are tolerable as long as I don’t overdo it.

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^^ Yes, she was very clever!!! She didn’t like the taste of liquor but she wanted to appear cool. ALL the guys were impressed by her because she could drink them under the table…little did they know!!!

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I can, but I usually only drink alcohol a few times a year. I never drink at home, alone, and if I’m out, I’m very cautious about drinking and driving so it’s easier just to not drink. At a rare holiday party where I stay at the hotel that is holding the party, I will have a few. Other than that, maybe when I’m with family and they are drinking wine, I’ll have one or two, and then they’ll continue to drink and I’ll switch to Diet Coke.

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Yes. I have a weak stomach for alcohol, so I drink little to none. And I don’t drink beer like I used to because it’s fattening AND expensive.

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@jca2 Very level-headed thinking and so responcible, excellent! :)

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@LadyMarissa Bringing a bottle of expensive vodka to a party and not sharing
seems way opposite of cool to me. But it probably answers the question of
why I don’t fit in around here.

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I’m a lightweight. I’ll drink an alcoholic drink just for the taste. I told my daughters that they should sip on a single bottle of beer all night. That way no one will keep offering them more, and no one will be able to tell how little they have drunk.

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@WhyNow Those guys preferred Whiskey & didn’t care how good her vodka was…they weren’t interested in tasting it!!!

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Those good ol’ boys preferred whiskey and rye? OK!

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“This will be the day that I die” ;]

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▲That was one of Madonna’s best songs!▲ ;-)

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^^ That’s a matter of opinion!!! I could gouge my eyes out & NEVER unsee that performance…I thought you had some class!!!

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I was just kidding, hence the ;-) emoticon at the end of my post.

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I don’t know what performance you guys mean :(

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They’re referring to American Pie, by Don McClean.

Here’s Madonna’s version, which is the best by FAR! JK ;-)

It’s actually Donny’s version, with lyrics.
Or is it Madonny’s version? ;p

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I almost never drink. The rare times that I have, I handled it fine. Only one time did I get the spins, but I’ve never been sick from drinking. It’s been so long since the last time that I had more than a sip that maybe it would be different now.

You will have so much more money if you never drink. Plus, if you don’t drink you don’t have to worry about drinking too much. I used to take vacations to warm places in the winter while my college friends stayed home. How did I afford it and they couldn’t? I wasn’t spending $20 a week on alcohol. I was almost always the driver in college, I knew I wasn’t drunk.

I’ll give a mention to some other safety measures at parties and bars. Never leave your drink alone. If you walk away from your drink then you can’t drink it anymore. Always use the buddy system to stay safe.

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@RayaHope @WhyNow & I were singing an OLD song from my youth & @Brian1946 got jealous & tried to ruin a beautiful moment!!! ;} BOTH songs were done before you were born & neither would probably excite you. The Don McLean version was written & performed in honor of some GREAT musicians who had died in a plane crash. Madonna’s version was a trashy performance NOT honoring anyone but herself!!!

Go to Brian’s link. He actually gave you the BESTEST of the 2 to have for your first experience!!!

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Good point by @JLeslie about the cost of alcohol in bars and restaurants. If I go out to eat, I will usually have water. If I were to have a drink or two, that would add about 10–15 dollars each plus tip, to the bill. When I go out to dinner with a group of friends, they will all be drinking and I won’t. When the bill is split up, I will offer the same share as everyone else but they will take off 20–40 dollars off of my share because I didn’t drink alcohol.

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@LadyMarissa I was a little confused because I did click on @Brian1946 ‘s link and I didn’t see anything from Madonna. I think I like the last part the best.

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^^ He was still trying to yank my chain when he made that remark. He actually sent you to the GOOD version of the song. The original by Don McLean…the one that I prefer!!! I had checked it out before I responded to you. It’s NOT one of my all-time favorite songs, but I do feel that when hearing it for the first time, that the original should be heard so you have something to reference the knockoffs to!!!

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@LadyMarissa You are so smart. I’m glad you are here to help me understand stuff. Now I don’t even want to hear the other version :)

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^^ Good thing, it’s NOT worth wasting your time!!! _LoL

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