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Totally legit. The Fluther team sent out a bunch of email verification emails. Have you received yours yet?

Asked by robmandu (21285points) September 19th, 2008

Oh yah. Um. Arrrrr, matey!

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As of :45, nope.

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Fri 9/19/2008 5:06 AM

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Yep! I got mine this morning.

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I woke up to mine this morning too.

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Yarr! They be comin’, ye swine!

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yeah, got it, pretty fast as well, guess it’s because i’m top 30 material ;)

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Yep. Didn’t know quite what to make of it, but there it was.

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Aye! mmm.. o.k. you all pirates got me!

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AARGH this pirate has not. Tis sad. They’ve forgotten old Pirate tWrex. I’ll be walkin’ the plank from the mizzenmast. Yaargh.

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I don’t reveal confidential information about myself (or my e-mail inbox contents) publicly.


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Oh that’s right, just go ahead and leave me out, and don’t bother taking the time to send me a bloody email. It’s OK it’s not like us Irish have feelings or anything.

Sorry, bad day, a little on the delicate side at the minute
Obviously haven’t received mine yet

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No, but we Gaelic women are watching out for you on this side of the big pond.

…and everyone knows not to make an Irish woman angry. Be patient O’S, I’m sure they’re leaving the best ‘til last.

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Aye, be patient me buckos!

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I got mine. I thought it was spam and deleted it. Was that a bad thing to do?

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Oh crap. You didn’t, well that’s the end of fluther. Ah it was a good run all the same.

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Got mine just over an hour after posting this question, :54. Yay!

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Got mine just now, see I told you they’d pull through, guess they were too busy treating u to pirate previews.

By the way B and A, it was great except for the Marco Polo part, as I live directly behind a community pool. I get hostile when I see or here that. I also have bad memories concerning a gondola ride in Venice, our “driver” was Marco. Totally bored, no singing and pulled out his cell phone in the middle of the ride to call for a potty stop. Nice.

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I woke up to mine this morning around 6:30 am

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What is to be implied if one does not receive said email?

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Nope – Guess they haven’t reached Ireland yet…
must be the time difference

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@Sueanne – that you haven’t received it, yet…that’s all

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I am now in the graces of good with the Fluther gawds. I received mine.

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It was in the Spam Folder….

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I just got mine! WooHoo! I won’t be a landlubber after all!

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Yes, but I found it in my Spam filter and had one moment of paranioa.

Please tell me that “Talk like a Pirate” Day is a Jewish Holiday and ends at sundown.

(Disclaimer; I did not write the above; Captain Hook has taken over.)

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Aye, Cap’n! I received mine before the cock crowed this morn’. (That be 5:30am, for ye land lubbers)

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Was this part of an effort to cut down on trolls (who might register multiple times with one email)?

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Right, seems the overseas deliveries finally caught up with the rest of the bunch…...and this pirate speech thing is too cool!

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I got mine!

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Mine has arrived!

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I got mine very early this am…POLO.

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