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Does dieting to lose weight change the brain chemistry thus altering one’s mood and behaviour?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27481points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Like not being able to experience a joyful feeling once in a while like it used to?

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Research shows that the brain chemistry benefit of the loss of weight is a more significant help to ones mood than the mere process of eating the food.
One’s mood and behavior is significantly better when you feel better about oneself and your health and healthy lifestyle.

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My general mood improves drastically with a healthy diet and exercise. You look better, feel better and the seratonin high is amazing.

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My husband can be angry and annoying when he diets. He’s in total denial about it. In my opinion it’s because he is too extreme when he diets to lose weight

My guess is adrenaline goes up when we are hungry, or some other hormone, that gives us energy to find food.

When I eat a healthier diet I feel better, have more energy, feel cleaner, like there is less fat circulating in my system.

Diet changes can definitely affect mood from what I’ve observed.

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If I diet too strictly, I get grouchy. It definitely changes my mood. I’ve learned to balance my eating and allow myself treats and that works better for me.

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