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Do you sleep better on white (or pastel) bedsheets, or brightly colored sheets?

Asked by elbanditoroso (31950points) 1 month ago

Does the color of the blanket make a difference to your sleep quality?

Why and how would these affect sleep?

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Wait! What? My sheets have colors or patterns?
I absolutely do not notice.

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Well, since I’m asleep, it doesn’t matter.
But I like them to be clean and fresh.
Edited to add: mine are deep purple.

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I can fall asleep on a bed of barbed wire. And anything as trivial as color holds no sway in the equation at all.

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Just white or sometnig nature color. Wow stop. @LuckyGuy. You are not answer on my similar question. Link:

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The lights are off. It’s not a factor.

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Color or pattern does not matter. If you are asleep or your eyes are closed to fall asleep, then you do not see the color or pattern.

It’s all about feel. Softness, temperature, weight, smell.

Added: Mine are Sky Blue

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@chyna: Do they play “Smoke on the Water” when you lay down on them?

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@cookieman @chyna do they say “Hush, Hush” “Na na na na na na”

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I notice the feel of them more than anything. Soft and warm, I love the feel of real satin but love the warmth of cotton, especially in the colder months. The color really doesn’t have much to do with my quality of sleep.

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Color I think does play a factor in those with allergies to dyes. Plus it’s a matter of how clean something looks before you get into bed. I know whenever I go to bed in my crisp white sheets, it feels comforting to know they look clean and fresh. I may feel that way about color sheets for maybe about 3 days. For me, it’s about bugs or hair as well. Don’t get me wrong, I will still sleep the same but something about clean sheets that just makes me what to get into bed and stay there. It feels inviting. Colored sheets feel less so because its harder (as my vision declines) to notice things. My dog jumps into bed with my husband and I sometimes and her hair or dirt or possibly bugs (she doesn’t have fleas or tick but you never know) can stay behind and I can’t feel comfortable enough to sleep right away unless I’m certain the bed is clear of them.

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@Pandora what’s wrong with a crisp clean black sheet?

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Color patterns or designs don’t matter.
Texture matters. I sleep better on satin sheets.

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I prefer white, they can be bleached and thus feel more clean. Plus I grew up with all white, crisp sheets like @Pandora.

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@Forever_Free Try finding a black bug in black sheets with declining eyesight. Plus for some reason anything that is dyed dark seems to attract hair and dust and lint like a magnet. My husbands dark suits and dark underwear prove that. I always have to run a lint brush over them.

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I need smooth linnen.
Color is of no importance to me.

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As far as I can tell, it doesn’t matter what color. What matters is the feel of the sheets (I’m not very picky) and the weight of the comforter.

When I was a teenager into my mid 20’s I had white; white sheets and a white duvet. The last 30 years I’ve had colors, but I’m liking the white idea again. I’m just terrible at getting rid of sheets and comforters that are functioning perfectly fine. Maybe eventually I’ll buy a set of white and it will be a summer change out.

Edit: in a hotel I would only want white sheets.

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I prefer my fleece NHL Oilers queen sized blanket with a comforter on top. Also with my hugging flat pillow. Also I like to rotate my pillows all night to keep my head cool.

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I sleep better in a bed. And what is this question doing in “general??”

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I have not noticed any difference. I have been using white or pale gray sheets for the past decade, but before that I had numerous brightly-colored sheets. No difference. What makes more of a difference for me is the thickness of the comforter and how firm or soft the pillow is.

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Most of mine are microfiber. The ones on my bed right now are a deep blue, next in line is a deep burgundy, with dark green following that, & chocolate brown after the green. Then I’ll be starting all over unless I decide to switch them up!!! My bedroom walls are pastel, so I chose dark sheets because they look prettier when I’m awake!!!

I often fall asleep in my recliner waking up in the wee hours of the morning where I get up, stumble down the hallway, fall into bed, & I have NO clue what color is under me!!!

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I can sleep in a night club playing techno at 120db. I don’t care about the colour.

Thread count now, that’s a different story….

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I thought I slept better on white sheets, but realized that when I close my eyes they could be changing into neon green. Not sure since I’m asleep.

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@KNOWITALL True. I often forget one of the reasons they feel cleaner to me is because they often can be washed in hot water and bleach. In very light pastel colors, I feel that I can wash them as well in hot water at least. I’m a tiny bit a germophobe but not really bad. Like it won’t kill me to not sleep in sheets that aren’t washed in hot water or bleach but my mom raised us to be really thorough with cleaning and killing germs. She was and still is a big germophobe. If you sat on her bed with clothing you wore outside, you had to strip the whole bed and spray the mattress down with lysol and put on fresh sheets.

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Matters not a whit to me. A sheet is a sheet, a blanket is a blanket.

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@LadyMarissa You described a wonderful mint chocolate candy with a swirl of sprinkles.

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@Pandora As you said, it’s easier with dogs, too.
I do have a teal set, I just prefer bleached white, especially my soft hippie linens.

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Bamboo Sheets with a design that isn’t loud.
Usually biege or blues.

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I can sleep on a bed of nails…as long as they’re rainbow colored. ;)

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Regarding the white, my reason is being able to bleach also, and that’s why I want white at hotels.

At home, I like to have white guest towels, because if they use peroxide toothpaste they sometimes wind up bleaching out the color. So, especially hand towels or wash clothes white is the way to go.

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Think you have a good point there @JLeslie

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Why is this in general? I don’t really care but I only buy solids, both sheets and blankets.

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I never knew that sheet colors could effect sleep.

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You doubters !

article 1.

article 2

article 3

There are more as well.

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@elbanditoroso not doubting, but the colors affect your ability to fall asleep. Not the Quality of your sleep. Just sayin’

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A very interesting question.

In my case I don’t care what colour the bed coverings are, duvet cover, sheets or pillow cases.

They could be blue, black, white,yellow or green with purple polka dot stripes.

As long as my bed is comfortable and so is the bed linen then I can sleep well.

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Hrmmm…., Polka dots stripes….

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The colour of my bedsheets does not have any impact on my sleep quality.

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