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Do you follow any one or channel on YouTube?

Asked by RayaHope (4997points) 1 month ago

I have been watching a channel called “Itchy Boots” I have seen season 5 and I am currently watching season 6. Noraly is the lady’s name she is Dutch and she rides a motorcycle throughout many different countries all by herself. This season she started in Quito Ecuador and she is riding all the way to Alaska USA. She is currently in Colorado and it is snowing. Fascinating scenery and one heck of an adventure. Wish I could do something like that :)

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I follow Charlie the Golden, Daisy the Newfie, Sherpa, K’eyush the stunt dog, zeusy the pitty, and various body language experts.
Hmm, I see a pattern to who I follow.

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@Forever_Free That video is a little older than I am but cool to see the first one :)

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@chyna what about Charlie the Unicorn?

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@chyna I’m guessing you like cats? lol kidding

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There is a ‘family’ of Youtube cameras (Virtual Railcam) that show trains runninf at 30–35 places across the US. I flip around from railroad line to railroad line. But all trains.

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I do. Serial Killing: A Podcast.
Since I love deviant psychology it interests me.

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I watch various homesteading channels. I can’t plant a garden, but I will have some knowledge to SHARE when the grocery stores are completely empty!!!

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Couple hundreds.
Lately many true crime channels.
Before many woodworkers and photographers.

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My accounts do technically “follow” 40+ people/channels, but my rate of actually watching them is . . . l o w.

Also, my “Watch Later” list grows much faster than I actually watch any of them, and has things I still haven’t watched in over a decade.

The ones I am most likely to watch are: (life-changing but dense wisdom) (comedy & Pitch Meeting scoops on how dumb films are) (criticism of how dumb films are) (cute animal stories) (funny true animal facts) (gaming comedy)

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Yes, many, in various topics, though more in travel, technology, and books than any other topic.

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In place of watching particular channels, I tend to “link hop.” When bored, I go to Youtube & type in a word in the search box. Then I see what comes up & I choose a link that looks interesting. After watching that, I look down the recommended vids & choose another that looks interesting. And I continue from there.

One day I typed in elephants & before I knew what had happened, I was watching some extremely cute human babies being adorable!!! Eventually it switched to animal babies that were precious!!!

When I hit a dead spot, I think of another word to search & I start again.

Sometimes I simply search for a favorite band from the good old days & I listen to some GREAT music for a while!!!

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A ton. For animal lovers The Dodo: Faith = Restored playlist is always a great way to feel a little better about humanity with all of the insanity around us.

For crazy science/engineering/robotics projects some of my favorites are:
Stuff Made Here
James Bruton
Jeremy Fielding
Simone Giertz
Smarter Every Day

Interesting stuff, video essays and film criticism:
Johnny Harris
Lessons from the Screenplay
The Nerdwriter
The Thought Emporium

Eddie Woo

General Programming:
Code Bullet
Sebastian Lague

Thai Cooking:
Pailin’s Kitchen

Tool/product head-to-head competitions (if you’ve ever wanted to know what the best duct tape, motor oil, cordless drill, rust remover, etc is, this channel is for you):
Project Farm

The Samurai Carpenter

Lefty Political News and Opinion:
The Majority Report with Sam Seder
The Humanist Report
The Rational National

Actual Communist’s analysis on various topics and news (because it’s good to see a complete picture of things):

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Rambalac. He walks around Japanese cities and towns. Not a word. Just silently walking around with his HD camera shooting from his own POV.

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@gorillapaws WOW what a diverse portfolio of vids. @LadyMarissa I do that kinda stuff too, just go from here to there and forget what I was going to watch in the beginning. I’ll start watching some dancing vid and end up watching something about the universe or gardening and we don’t even have a garden. lol

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I have a folder of baby animals and one of baby humans. Most of my saved channels are about beading, some music.

I, too, type in something and follow it down the rabbit hole, but I’m good about not spending too much time watching videos – averages to 2–3 hours/week. That’s why I don’t do social media like Facebook, TikTok, etc. My life would be over before I knew it!

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I try to watch so much stuff be it can be tough. My attention span is questionable at best and I’m always running around trying to multitask. I don’t like to sit for too long in one spot.

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The only YouTube thing I follow is David Pallides Missing 411 and CanAm Missing project. Just something I got interested in. Nothing else.

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