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Aargh, do you scalliwags use twitter or brightkite or both (more inside!)?

Asked by tWrex (1655points) September 19th, 2008

Do ye use them? Do ye like them? Do ye find them useful? Do ye use other social network services like utterli (formerly utterz) or 12seconds? If so do ye find those useful?

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Avast! Fluther be me only social network.

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@tWrex, got any Brightkite invites you wanna share?

Twitter seems to be the one with that’s achieved critical mass. Everything else seems secondary.

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@robmandu Arrgh! I do have some and am more than happy to share the booty with ye. PM me yer email address ya scalliwag and I’ll be sendin’ ya an invite straight away!

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I’m with loser!

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i have a bunch of brightkite invites too, if anyone needs one.

i’m row4food on twitter and brightkite, flickr, friendfeed,… i can’t remember them all…

i tend to read more tweets and fluther questions than actually participate. i really only use brightkite if i leave the area i live in. otherwise it just sits there until i go out of town. i post to flickr everytime i go out with my camera. and friendfeed just collects them all into one place.

i go through phases. sometimes i tweet a lot. i think that’s my favorite social network. it’s so easy, what with desktop and iphone apps. and the new site design is neat.

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Arrr, it be Twitter fer me, ye swabbies!

Ahem. Twitter, Fluther, and, if I can keep it from crashing my browser every time I try to post a video,

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Aargh, I be followin’ both of ye now. I be on all of them. Bkite, twitter, utterli and 12seconds. tWrex on em all.

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I tried brightkite, but I don’t use it. I like twitter much better – simple, straightforward. Maybe someday I’ll have a reason to use bk but it’s def. not as user-friendly as twitter.

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@Megan64 I fully agree. I actually have been trying to post to BK more lately since it’s linked to my twitter account and then I don’t feel as bad about not using it.

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