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Is it possible that even Trump's supporters are getting tired of him?

Asked by LostInParadise (30060points) 1 month ago

That is the opinion of Laura Ingraham. Link I got tired of him while he was still president, but I was never a supporter. How many people really care that the FBI took back classified documents? Is it possible that Trump won’t be nominated in 2024?

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While this is a fairly dark moment in US presidential history wishing it to be in the rearview mirror, we want justice served.

We do care that the FBI took back classified documents because he was not supposed to have them.
Many people I know are elated that certain aspects of all this are finally being uncovered. It also is to hopefully ensure that he can never hold a public office again.

That stuff that Nixon did was a drop in the bucket compared to everything that was done by the 45th President.

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You know it all started with comments like ‘grab her by…’, then the tweets, and it just never stops. Of course it’s impossible to defend, just like the document saga. I’ll speak for myself and just say yes, it’s been a lot.

On the other hand a politician who was slick and smart (actual politician) should have 2024 cinched up quick.

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I don’t think his supporters are getting tired of him. Maybe some are, of course, it’s possible, but I still see comments in favor of him on social media and I still hear people praising his every move, no matter how egregious or horrible. His bad moves, like the grab em by the pussy comment or making fun of the reporter who had cerebral palsy, they will justify and poo-poo by giving logical explanations for. January 6th, they will say was nothing worse than the BLM riots and the people who breached the building were invited in, and the lady who was shot did nothing wrong.

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It’s exhausting to hear something new that trump supposedly did on a daily basis.
I had a very good friend of 20 years that was a huge defender of trump. Grab her by the p—-y was guy talk. I have 3 brothers and I never heard them say anything like that. Making fun of a guy with CP? Taken out of context. Having affairs with women while married? They all lie. It destroyed our friendship.
I admire @KNOWITALL for being a supporter of trumps, but also seeing/knowing that he also does wrong.

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I think some Republicans are tired of the circus and ready to move on, but the more extreme Trumpers don’t even know about the circus, they don’t even hear about most of it. The talking heads they listen to don’t mention it, or even if it’s mentioned the Trump groupies don’t really hear it, their brains dismiss the information. Confirmation bias.

A lot of people hate to be wrong, so their brains maintain the information that reinforces their beliefs and eliminates the information that contradicts it.

Edit: In Florida I see a lot of DeSantis 2024 flags.

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I don’t like politics & I despise election years!!! I didn’t vote “for” Biden, I voted “against” the last administration remaining in office & that left me with ONLY ONE choice!!! I care that there were classified docs taken from the WH & kept at M-a-L for anyone he wanted to “impress” to see. I care that any member of the household staff had access to those docs. I care that the DOJ took his passports. I think he should be allowed to slither out of the country during one of his paranoia events & then once gone, put him on a NO FLY list & NOT allowed back in the country!!! We have seen how he gets things done & I am appalled at the number of people who find that acceptable!!! I have MANY right wing friends & YES they are growing weary & most of them also care about the docs hidden away at M-a-L & they care even MORE about Jan 6!!! They don’t want to believe that they voted for someone who could do such a thing, but they are facing some bitter reality checks & NOT liking what they see. Publicly, they won’t admit that they NO longer support the FPOTUS; but behind closed doors, they are “saying it”!!! Personally, I think that we as a country DESERVE better than what we’ve had to endure since 2016. IF you paid attention, he went quiet for a little while after he left the WH & then the MSM kept poking at him until he realized that he could still get some attention. I fully believe that he would have lost interest & just gone away IF the MSM had left well enough alone!!!

What concerns me is WHO might follow in his footsteps!!! The person who is showing up at the heir apparent scares me MORE than the FPOTUS mainly because he’s NOT an idiot!!!

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@chyna Thanks. He still did some pretty amazing thing’s, but that position needs integrity.

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You mean because trump was a populist president? People really think they can
(by voting) run their own country? That alone makes people idiots. So people should
just shut up and let their betters run things. sarcasm.

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I don’t believe Trump has time on his side. The distance between the present and November 2024 renders it certain that during the interim that massive flock of legal chickens will be coming home to roost. Those “amazing things” @KNOWITALL attributes to the pig will be augmented considerably by 2024. Trump will be our only twice impeached President as well as our only impeached President seeking another term. By then, he is all but guaranteed to be our only convicted felon President, our only President EVER to run while under criminal indictment, and on and on for his multitude of firsts. While I fully understand that American voters comprise some of the densest minds on the globe, there is no question the endless stench emanating from Trump must serve to sober up ever more maga heads.

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I think you’re too positive there, @HP.
Or, have too high expectations.

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Honestly, do you actually believe Trump might allow 2 years to pass free of him sensationally embarassing himself and the country as a matter of routine? What sort of fantasy land is that?

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I can’t quite see if you were referring to me, but what I was referring you to was the “sobering stench for the dense voters”.

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Trump supporters don’t pay attention to the news because they rarely see anything they like.

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Well even the densest of us come up against our olfactory limits. And yes, cynic that I most assuredly am, my expectations that Trump will persist in stinking up the country are about as certain a bet as you can make. You gotta wonder if you could find a bookie that would take that bet and what sort of odds he might require. Which of you would bet that Trump will stay out of trouble for 2 years?

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All I know is that I’m getting soooo tired of him. Always in the news clogging up the cable channels and doing all kinds of stuff no one should be able to do. He makes me kinda embarrassed to be an American. I don’t understand how so many people can still back him?!

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Bad habits die hard!

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It’s a cult. Do Scientologists get tired of Scientology ?

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@RayaHope Lucky you. You have Kamala Harris along with Biden and family to
make you proud again!

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I’m pretty proud of what Biden and the Dems have accomplished in the last few weeks regarding climate change action, modified gun control, etc. against all odds. But I don’t argue politics on Fluther any more.

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Some are.

Some aren’t, amazingly enough. Hopefully the main explanation for those is that they are sticking to Fox New, OAN, even worse sources, and/or don’t actually watch or read much news, just sticking to their friend circles, and have got conditioned to thinking other input must be lies.

“How many people really care that the FBI took back classified documents? ”
– How many? How many care about holding a clearly corrupt asshole responsible for breaking major Federal laws? And, were they actually seriously dangerous top secret documents that he hoped to sell? How many care about national security? The FBI and judges etc should care.

“Is it possible that Trump won’t be nominated in 2024?”
– Of course. I doubt he will, even if he’s not dead or in prison by then.

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Watch two CNN Special Reports. The first is Steve Bannon: Divided We fall.

Then, watch the CNN Special Report: Deep in the Pockets of Texas.

Especially the Texas one they touch on Christian Nationalists.

I’m telling you they are both terrifying. The Texas one you really see the Christian Nationalist movement in the US. Not all Christians, it’s this specific alt-right movement. They do not believe in the separation of church and state.

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The proposition that whatever the failings of Biden & Harris somehow balance the catastrophe that is Donald Trump is too ridiculous for discussion. Next to Trump, Biden & Harris are miracle workers.

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@WhyNow I wish I had the answer to all this but at least they seem to be getting things done and not causing so much conflict. Trump has been one scandal after another and he was always hiring unscrupulous people with shady dealings. Trump has called people names, made fun of people less fortunate, and seemed to do whatever he wanted to despite his office and the law.

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@WhyNow As I said on another Q here…I did NOT vote “for” Biden, I voted “against” the last administration having another go at destroying our country!!! I’ve NEVER in my lifetime felt ashamed to be an American…since 2016, I find it hard to look others in the eye!!! I did NOT want Biden for President, but he is looking like a fucking genius compared to the FPOTUS!!! I NO longer feel the need to be embarrassed for living here!!!

Most of my right wing friends do NOT like the FPOTUS, but they support him because he’s a Republican & they can’t find the words to admit that we as a country are better off with a Democrat at the helm!!! Outside our inner circle, they scream loud & proud as to how wonderful the FPOTUS is…yet inside our inner circle, they admit that they’ve grown weary & cannot with good conscious support the wacko any longer!!!

The President of these United States is supposed to be the leader of the FREE world & we NO longer hold that moniker thanks to the FPOTUS!!! IF, God forbid, he manages to go back in, YOUR life will be NO better than mine because he has absolutely NO loyalty to those who help him win. Just look at ALL the court cases where his loyalists are going to jail…NOTHING from him…NOT even a kiss on the cheek!!!

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My dear Lady M. I hear the anguish from you I truly do. I did not vote in 2016.
I was not politically awake yet. Honestly… Adam Schiff creeps me out. Pelosi
looks like the crypt keeper.

If you can honestly say we are better now then ‘17, ‘18, ‘19 what can I do?.

It took generations for my family to pass down the cerebral wattage in order for
become a ‘percenter.’ I am not ashamed of being rich, spoiled, white or for any
political leaning I damn choose.

I am sorry if I pain you… you are my Dear Lady M.

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I think there is some truth in what Ingram says. But I think she misses in one important area. People ARE tired of all the conflict of when Trump was POTUS. But most of that conflict was brought on by political opponents that didn’t like a DC outsider winning an election. If you look at all the conflict, it was made up things from the Dems, it was made up things from the media, it was things blown out of proportion.

Trump still has an enormous amount of influence in the political field. Most of the candidates he backed across the country won their primaries. These are often people that share his values of putting America first. That’s what people want. They want a say in their government. The career politicians in DC forget they actually work for people. And Americans are tired of it.

It is possible that people don’t want Trump to run again in 2024. Not because they don’t like him, but they don’t want to start off another presidency with idiotic claims and strife. But I truly believe that if you put anyone in as the Republican candidate that isn’t a career politician, the Dems (and RINOs) would go crazy all over again. They saw it worked once…making stuff up and screaming about losing democracy so they will keep going.

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There is NO one blinder than those who CHOOSE to not see!!!

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