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Ok I'll do it. Can we post our favorite music here? Any genre or artist makes no difference?

Asked by Nomore_Tantrums (4219points) 1 month ago

Inspired by a question about songs mentioning rain

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I’ll start, a couple of novelty tunes by the Statler Brothers

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Great guitar work, kind of precarious areas she’s playing on though.

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I love your intro…and of course, I’ll have to start with Poker Face – Lady gaga
anything from her is amazing.
Melbourne shuffle dance music gosh all of it!

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Favorites is tough as I like such a wide variety of music. Instead, I’ll list the albums I picked up* and enjoyed in the last year or so:

by Traffic

All Mine
by Portishead

Romeo & Juliet
by Ryan Adams

by The Lumineers
(who I recently saw in concert)

Faded Memories
William Beckmann

The Highwomen
by the Highwomen

iTunes Sessions
by José Gonzaléz

Crikey! It’s My Psyche
by Ellie Dickson

Raise the Roof
by Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

Other Girls and
Forever and then Some
by Lillie Mae
(who I saw live last year)

Lindsey Buckingham
by Lindsey Buckingham

Never Will
by Ashley McBryde

Sob Rock
by John Mayer
(who I saw live recently)

Actually Happy
by Blü Eyes

A Little Bit of Soul
by John Batiste

Understanding that “picked up” just means added to my library on Apple Music.

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I Can See Clearly Now, Johnny Nash

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Speaking of Ryan Adams:

When the Stars Go Blue- The Corrs.


”...kind of precarious areas she’s playing on though.”

I agree. It’s a good thing Jim Morrison wasn’t up there. ;)

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After responding to another Q today, I’d like to add…

Kenny G

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@ragingloli Never heard that before, but I love it. :D

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Jessica Simpson (I was shocked when I discovered that she was the vocalist)- I Wanna Love You Forever.

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